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Our vision

Our vision is to reach as many families across North America to spread the importance of STEAM education and early childhood reading so our future generation of leaders can continue creating with their hands, have cool innovations and learn to interact with other people to create long-lasting relationships.

Give electronics a break

Our goal is to assist you in giving electronics a break and make the world your classroom with monthly learning kits from Banyan Tree Kidz! We strongly believe that immersive and hands-on learning is essential in a heavily technologically reliant world.

Dear Parents,

Research suggests that families these days are only able to spend on average of 37 minutes per day of quality time together. Our lives have gotten busier and more complex. Parents, we understand that you are busier today than ever before and we aspire to help you in raising curious and creative children. We spend countless hours each month, researching, designing and testing. With every Banyan Tree Kidz box, we provide you with all the tools necessary to assist in the developmental growth of your child. Our best stem learning kits and enriching collection of educational children’s books are carefully curated every month to help you spark your child’s imagination and enhance their natural creative genius from a very young age. We hope you enjoy each new adventure with every Banyan Tree Kidz box as much as we love curating and delivering them to your doorstep. So sit back and create wonderful memories bonding with your little ones as you play along with your kiddos and make learning time fun.

Contemporary topics

Here at Banyan Tree Kidz, we are constantly on the look-out for the most current topics which are important to us as a society. Our team of innovators take great joy in introducing complex concepts of science, environment, community, and societal issues and turning them into simplified learning material through our STEM learning kits.

STEAM - Science, Tech,
Engineering, Art and Math

STEAM teaches science, technology, engineering, art and math in an integrated fashion to better understand the world we live in.


Steadily build an at-home library of excellent children’s books and never go through the hassle of researching and buying meaningful children’s books again.