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• Receive 12 - 18 high quality STEM learning kits
• Build your at-home library with highly enriching and educational children's storybooks to your collection

The Storybook Science Approach

For an immersive overall growth experience, we design our boxes by combining 2 main components: literacy and STEAM hands-on learning techniques.

What you get with a 6 month plan

Receive 6 storybooks , 
12-18 STEM learning kits
12-18 STEM learning kits inspired by the magical book of the month
Keepsakes, kid-friendly learning materials, instruction manuals
All the supplies required to complete the activity boxes


Save tons of money with Banyan Tree Kidz’ ALL-IN-ONE subscription - children’s books plus creative learning kits.
Every month children are introduced to a new concept
Relevant topics introduced in a simplified way
Build an at-home library with engaging and vibrantly illustrated children’s books
Get a head-start in STEAM education
Cancel anytime, no hidden fees
Perfect for gifting and homeschool learning
Enjoy screen-free learning and play time
Designed for parent-child bonding time, sibling playtime

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Explore and shop from our best storybook science kits.

Discover the ancient game of the Chinese TanGram puzzle, construct a dazzling dragon, and design a stamp to decorate a canvas pouch to store your TanGram puzzle.

Explore the mysteries of the Arctic North, engineer an igloo, and create your own Northern lights in a jar.

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Take a look at some of the boxes we have shipped in the past to see what you can expect in your subscription

The Birthday Box - Special Edition
The Birthday Box - Special Edition
The Birthday Box - Special Edition

The Birthday Box - Special Edition

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Celebrate your special day with us! The Birthday Box makes the perfect gift for your little one.

The special edition Birthday Box includes an adorable book titled 'Cake' by children's book author Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. 'Cake' has been invited to his very first birthday party and he wants to dress up. He goes to town to find the perfect outfit for this special occasion. Excited and all dressed up Cake arrives at the party only to realize that maybe this isn't an event he wants to be invited to! This book is wonderfully illustrated and will leave you laughing at every turn. Young bakers will also make a real birthday cake and celebrate their special day with loves ones. 

The Birthday Box also includes 2 STEAM learning kits, a bonus birthday card recipe,  designed and inspired by the book 'Cake'. All supplies included. 

+ Make an exciting Birthday Cake: Young bakers will make a faux cake and decorate it with confetti and buttercream slime. 

+ Make Confetti Slime: Make Confetti Slime and learn the exciting science behind Slime.


+ Bake your own Cake: This box includes a special cake recipe that you will make with your little baker! So put on your chef hats and get ready to make a delicious Birthday Cake! 


+ WHAT’S INSIDE: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manual, instruction manual, 2 STEAM learning kits, 1 Cake recipe, fascinating keepsakes, and much more.

Space Edition: StarStruck Box
Space Edition: StarStruck Box

Space Edition: StarStruck Box

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Take an adventurous journey into the cosmos with America’s first professional female astronomer ‘Maria Mitchell’. A great addition to your library, ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ is written by Hailey Barrett and wonderfully illustrated by Diana Sudyka. Every night, Maria stood on her rooftop with a telescope and swept the sky. One day, she came across an unusual celestial object – a comet, a discovery that would change the field of astronomy forever!

This artistically illustrated book follows the story of a young girl from humble beginnings and her fascination with the night sky. Her passion leads her to discover a comet and paving the way for future female astronomers. Using lyrical text along with simplistic and enchanting artwork, the book explores the life and discoveries of Maria. ‘



READ AND LEARN: ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ is the perfect book for budding astronomers and space lovers everywhere

BUILD AND LAUNCH A COMET LAUNCHER: Learn about Comets and build your own comet launcher using Newton’s laws of physics.

CONSTRUCT A TELESCOPE: What is a telescope and how does it work? Construct your own exciting telescope and get ready to sweep the night sky

MAGICAL WAND READING POINTER: Design a beautiful magical wand reading pointer that you can use to read your magical book of the month

WHAT’S INSIDE: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manual, instruction manuals, 3 STEAM learning kits, all materials included, fascinating keepsakes, and hours of screen-free entertainment and learning.