• No hidden costs, cancel anytime
• 6 new themes introduced
• Receive 12 - 18 high quality STEM learning kits
• Build your at-home library with highly enriching and educational children's storybooks to your collection

The Storybook Science Approach

For an immersive overall growth experience, we design our boxes by combining 2 main components: literacy and STEAM hands-on learning techniques.

What you get with a 6 month plan

Receive 6 storybooks , 
12-18 STEM learning kits
12-18 STEM learning kits inspired by the magical book of the month
Keepsakes, kid-friendly learning materials, instruction manuals
All the supplies required to complete the activity boxes


Save tons of money with Banyan Tree Kidz’ ALL-IN-ONE subscription - children’s books plus creative learning kits.
Every month children are introduced to a new concept
Relevant topics introduced in a simplified way
Build an at-home library with engaging and vibrantly illustrated children’s books
Get a head-start in STEAM education
Cancel anytime, no hidden fees
Perfect for gifting and homeschool learning
Enjoy screen-free learning and play time
Designed for parent-child bonding time, sibling playtime

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Explore and shop from our best storybook science kits.

Discover the ancient game of the Chinese TanGram puzzle, construct a dazzling dragon, and design a stamp to decorate a canvas pouch to store your TanGram puzzle.

Explore the mysteries of the Arctic North, engineer an igloo, and create your own Northern lights in a jar.

Subscription Plans


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Boxes are shipped between the 2nd and 4th of every month and arrive within approximately 4-9 business days once shipped.

Take a look at some of the boxes we have shipped in the past to see what you can expect in your subscription

Top Secret Detective Box - SOLD OUT

Top Secret Detective Box - SOLD OUT

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Take out your notepad because it’s time to learn how to be a detective with the Top Secret Detective Box. Whobert Whover, the overenthusiastic detective owl is eager to solve a mystery with young readers as he does some less than professional sleuthing and points figures at other animals in the forest while missing clues, and gathering incorrect evidence. Whobert Whover, Owl Detective is a hilarious and fun story sure to inspire little detectives to investigate the mysteries around them. This is a perfect book for parents to read-out-loud with their kiddos while asking them the right questions to spark their imagination. This box is filled with exciting activities such as fingerprinting, chromatography, and other important skills used by detectives to solve fascinating mysteries.


+ HANDS-ON LEARNING: Young scientists dive into the world of unsolved mysteries and learn all about the techniques used by detectives to solve crimes.


+ READ AND LEARN: Follow the hilarious story of Owl detective, Whobert Whover and help him solve mysteries in the neighborhood in ‘Whobert Whover, Owl Detective’ written by Jason Gallaher.


+ DISCOVER FINGERPRINTING AND CHROMATOGRAPHY: Gather fingerprints, write secret codes with invisible ink and find out how chromatography is used by scientists to gather evidence in this action-packed detective box.


+ WHAT’S INSIDE: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manual, instruction manual, 3 STEAM learning kits, fascinating keepsakes, and much more.

    Geography Box
    Geography Box
    Geography Box
    Geography Box
    Geography Box
    Geography Box

    Geography Box

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    Get ready to go on an adventure with Sam, the explorer cat in this engaging, vibrantly illustrated and deeply informative book titled ‘Mapping Sam’ written by renowned Children’s book author, Joyce Hesselberth.

    This magical book makes the perfect bedtime read for children who are inquisitive, adventurous, and have a keen interest in geography and cartography. This box includes 3 DIY stem activities.

    Kids make their own globe lantern, design a compass necklace, and unscramble a treasure map. It makes the perfect gift for curious and imaginative kids. The box is designed to help kids develop fine-motor skills, enhance problem solving, and cognitive thinking.


    • HANDS- ON LEARNING: Using the fun STEAM education kits, learn about cartography and geography.
    • READ AND LEARN: Go on an adventure around the globe with Sam, the cat in ‘Mapping Sam’ by children’s book author Joyce Hesselberth.
    • DESIGN A GLOBE LANTERN: learn about the 7 continents on earth and make your own Globe Lantern.
    • UNCOVER THE HIDDEN TREASURE: unscramble the treasure map and discover hidden treasure.
    • BUILD A COMPASS NECKLACE: study a compass and make a wonderful compass necklace so you never get lost!
    • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly teaching resources, easy to follow instruction manuals, 3 STEAM learning kits with all material included, fascinating keepsakes and much more.