What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

STEM Education?

STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning combined with real-life lessons. STEM integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics .

Start them young with STEM

STEM based learning can and should start as early as you possibly can. In the early years, the child’s brain soaks up everything at a rapid pace. This pace of learning for the kids in the initial 8 years is unprecedented and this capacity to absorb new concepts and learn cannot be replicated for their adult life.

Build a strong foundation

Introducing subjects in early years in a proper way to wire children’s brains for better problem solving, building positive attitude towards the subject and thus, leading to cognitive development & having a growth mindset.

Why is STEM important?

STEM equips individuals with the skills to succeed and adapt to an ever changing and complex technological environment.
STEM is designed to create innovative ideas to sustain, lead and preserve our economical and ecological landscape.
Innovation and science literacy depends on a solid knowledge base in the STEM areas. STEM is important because it governs every aspect of our life.
Science is everywhere in the world around us and is used to impact people and places all over the world. Understand how the world works is key.

Importance of STEM in the job market today

The global economic landscape is changing. There is an unprecedented demand for STEM jobs but an extremely low supply of qualified individuals to fill this global demand.
Evolving technology has caused traditional jobs to disappear and new jobs are emerging every day. STEM empowers individuals with the skills to succeed and adapt to this dynamic world.
The way children interact, connect and learn in this digital age, has also significantly changed and will continue to do so. Skills developed by students through STEM provide them with the foundation to succeed at school and beyond.
Today, 75 percent of jobs in the fastest growing industries require workers with STEM skills. To be competitive, workforces all over the world need people who can adapt to a changing workplace.

Our STEM Learning Kits

Every box has a science, art, engineering, math, or craft component using STEM's interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Engineering kit for kids

We’ve built Banyan Tree Kidz with a belief that children are our future and equipping them with the ability to think is our upmost responsibility. Engineering requires an understanding of math, science and art.

Art kit for kids

Every Banyan Tree Kidz box has a craft component to teach with new crafting materials and interesting techniques. Our team of innovators spend countless hours developing each kit to make it simple and engaging for kids to learn, explore and create.

Math kit for kids

Develop your kids natural creativity and curiosity with a focus on STEM education. Math is an integral part of the STEM combination however; it can be the least favourite topic for your little one. We develop math kits for kids which are simple, unique and engaging.

Science kit for kids

Every Banyan Tree Kidz box is a wonderful blend of Science & and Art (ages 4-8) Build and explore creative projects that fuses art and science.

Our STEM kits for Kids:



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'Through the window: views of Marc Chagall's Life and Art' is a beautiful biography of Marc Chagall, a prominent artist celebrated by art lovers all over the world. The book will inspire young artists about the importance of self-expression through art, and showcases that anything is possible if we dare to just dream a little! 

This box also includes 3 STEAM learning kits where kiddos will have an opportunity to learn about different art forms. They will make Stained Glass Art, Mosaic Art and Abstract Art inspired by Marc Chagall. 


+ Stained Glass Window Art - Marc Chagall was known for making beautiful and thought-provoking stained-glass windows! Kiddos will learn the meaning behind Stained-Glass art and will have the opportunity to have some fun with stained-glass art inspired by Marc Chagall.  

+ Mosaic Art STEAM kit - Kiddos get to be creative and learn how to make their own mosaic art masterpiece!

+ Abstract Art: What is Abstract art? What is the purpose of Abstract art? Kiddos get to learn about Abstract Art and build an Abstract sculpture.

+ The perfect gift for little Artists: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manuals, instruction manual, 3 STEAM learning kits, fascinating keepsakes, and much more.

Space Edition: Moon Phase Box
Space Edition: Moon Phase Box
Space Edition: Moon Phase Box

Space Edition: Moon Phase Box

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Discover the book,  ‘Moon: A Peek-Through Picture book by children’s written by Britta Teckentrup. Young minds will be introduced to the concept of the Lunar Cycle and will learn about the different phases of the moon. How do different animals react to moonlight? How do the phases of the moon affect the tides? Why does the moon look different every night? The box includes 2 DIY STEAM activity kits. Kids make a Lunar calendar with different phases of the moon and also make a beautiful Moon Mobile which can be used to decorate their room. Young stargazers are sure to be engaged with this unique box. The goal is to teach little ones about the moon and its different phases. Hours of fun and learning with Storybook Science.

+HANDS-ON LEARNING: Focus on the ‘E’ and ‘S’ in STEAM education with this fascinating space activity box.

+READ AND LEARN: Learn all about the unique 8 moon phases and how it affects the earth with the magical book titled ‘Moon: A Peek-Through Picture book’ by children’s book author Britta Teckentrup.

+MAKE A LUNAR CALENDAR: have a blast while making a Lunar Cycle calendar using model magic clay.

+CONSTRUCT A MOON MOBILE: Introduce engineering to young innovators as they paint and build a moon mobile made up of different phases of the moon.

+WHAT’S INCLUDED: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly teaching resources, easy to follow instruction manuals, 2 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK moon phase cutouts, 2 STEAM learning kits with all materials included, enchanting keepsakes, and much more.

Pets Box
Pets Box

Pets Box

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The theme of this box is ‘Pets’. Learn all the wacky and funny things our pets do in '50 wacky things Pets Do' by Heidi Fiedler and wonderfully illustrated by Marta Sorte. Curious pet owners also get a glimpse into what causes certain behavior in pets and how to best care for them. Why is your bird grinding its beak? Or why is your dog chasing its tail? This box is action-packed with a children’s book, and 2 STEAM activities. Kiddos make a 'fish tank bank' and find out what chameleons eat all while having fun designing their own game. 


+ HANDS-ON LEARNING: This box combines STEAM education and literacy and is perfect for art lovers.


+ READ AND LEARN: Young readers find out fascinating facts about their favorite pets. This month's book makes a useful resource for pet owners and animal lovers!


+ THE FISH TANK BANK: Build and design a wonderful aquarium that also serves as a mini bank


+ CRAFTY CHAMELEONS: Have fun making crafty chameleons and all while playing an exciting game


+ WHAT’S INCLUDED: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly teaching resources, easy to follow instruction manuals, 2 STEAM learning kits with all materials included, fun keepsakes, and much more.

The Birthday Box - Special Edition

The Birthday Box - Special Edition

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Celebrate your special day with us! The Birthday Box makes the perfect gift for your little one.

The special edition Birthday Box includes an adorable book titled 'Cake' by children's book author Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. 'Cake' has been invited to his very first birthday party and he wants to dress up. He goes to town to find the perfect outfit for this special occasion. Excited and all dressed up Cake arrives at the party only to realize that maybe this isn't an event he wants to be invited to! This book is wonderfully illustrated and will leave you laughing at every turn. Young bakers will also make a real birthday cake and celebrate their special day with loves ones. 

The Birthday Box also includes 2 STEAM learning kits, a bonus birthday card recipe,  designed and inspired by the book 'Cake'. All supplies included. 

+ Make an exciting Birthday Cake: Young bakers will make a faux cake and decorate it with confetti and buttercream slime. 

+ Make Confetti Slime: Make Confetti Slime and learn the exciting science behind Slime.


+ Bake your own Cake: This box includes a special cake recipe that you will make with your little baker! So put on your chef hats and get ready to make a delicious Birthday Cake! 


+ WHAT’S INSIDE: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manual, instruction manual, 2 STEAM learning kits, 1 Cake recipe, fascinating keepsakes, and much more.

Best STEM Kits for Kids

Importance of STEM in early years Firstly, the approach of STEAM and STEM education heavily relies on hands-on learning. Over decades, thousands of studies have demonstrated that hands-on learning and real-life application while learning, instead of just memorization is the most engaging way to absorb information. STEAM and STEM education work together to showcase how things work in real life. For example, an engineer needs to know how to use the concepts of science, math, and technology to construct or design a physical structure. The subjects in STEM and STEAM education are woven together and do not work individually. Moreover, in any field of work, employees are required to be knowledgeable in all fields of STEM not just math or art or science. Instead of teaching about these fields separately, the approach of STEM education teaches how all these fields work together in support of each other.

Curriculums which include STEM and STEAM education are focused on hands-on activities which always include important lessons in critical thinking, problem solving, fine motor skills and an almost scientific way of thinking about real life problems which are faced by the society. Starting kids young with this approach to learning has a profound impact on their overall cognitive development. It is considered a 360 degree approach to immersive learning and growth of your child. Research suggests that kids in preschool and middle school who are already used to this approach of learning, have a significant advantage in academic success as compared to their counterparts.

How can you foster a love for STEM in your child?

Engaging children during plat-time with hands-on creative activities or toys inspires their inquisitive minds. Through a combination of real experiences, passionate role models and hands-on activities, parents can nurture a child’s love for STEM. Project based learning provides a strong sense of accomplishment which instills the values of resilience and adaptability through trial and error and imaginative play. Banyan Tree Kidz’s STEM kits equip children with skills of problem-solving and cognitive development in early years. Complex subjects such as climate change, community, and diversity are packaged and taught using engaging storybooks and book inspired STEM learning kits. This makes learning seriously an immersive experience.

The best STEM education should be interdisciplinary. Some of the best STEM activities are found through creativity, inquiry, imagination and excitement. A well-rounded education is fertile ground for Eureka Moments!

Create an environment for learning The earlier a child is introduced to STEM learning and education, the easier it is to build a solid foundation on subjects of science, technology, engineering and math. Children are born curious and are filled with excitement and imagination. Adults can harness upon this natural inquisitiveness and inspire a love for creation and innovation. Young children learn by example. Read and surround your house with meaningful and enriching books, have conversations about the science and involve them as you are fixing a broken lamp or building new furniture in your house.

Explore STEM activities as a Family STEM is all around us! Expose your child to as many fun hands-on activities as possible. Visit science exhibitions, attend fairs and demonstrations, take a trip to the local museums, point-out historical structures or monuments in the city, conduct fun experiments at home and do not be afraid of getting messy. Let your child tinker with household items that are broken or need fixing (with proper guidance and supervision). Classic science experiments like the elephant toothpaste experiment, easy melting snow experiments, playing with slime are just some examples of fun DIY activities, which are a guaranteed success with little ones. Use positive reinforcement while doing these STEM activities as a family. This boosts confidence and enhances their decision-making skills at a later stage of their lives. Reduce Screen time Set aside timings for your child’s Ipad or television use. In today’s highly digitalized world, it is challenging to get children off the screen as we struggle with ways to entertain them. Emphasize the excitement and fun of hands-on activities. Always keep crafts and art supplies, books, and educational toys within easy reach.