Review – Banyan Tree Kidz
I’m writing to let you know that my grandsons (ages 4 and 7) have been receiving their subscription boxes for several months now. Each box contains a wonderful well-written and illustrated book (which the older child is actually beginning to be able to read to his brother). They have a great time with the projects and proudly show me the completed ones when I visit. In addition, their parents are thrilled that the activities serve to keep them engaged (and off the screens!) for quite a bit of time.

As a long time educator, I commend you on this offering which provides children with an excellent hands-on and cooperative learning experience. BRAVO!
Amy Gole ,
During the pandemic, I sampled several different activity subscription boxes and Banyan Tree Kidz is the one we chose to continue after the initial three months. I signed up for a subscription in May and purchased a few one-time boxes as well. We even purchased the July box to give to friends!

My four-year-old and I have greatly enjoyed all the books and activities we have done so far. The activities are all unique, high quality, and fun. The projects are excellent opportunities to work collaboratively with my daughter, which is so important for our relationship and her
Celine ,
Mom & Clinical Physiotherapist
The themes of this subscription are always very on-point and keeping with the trends. we loved the polar bear box where they introduced Climate Change. very happy with this subscription and looking forward to our next box.
Kunal K. ,
We love this subscription. They mention that it is storybook science which is very unique and fun. The box is always packed with a lot of stuff and my children look forward to unboxing them. The books are amazing and our home library is constantly growing with these gems.
Aiden S. ,