Our journey

Banyan Tree Kidz is founded by 2 friends, Jessica Frumoselu and Ritika Dhirmalani in January 2019 and it has quickly become an innovative company based in Vancouver in the toys space.

"After noticing the increasing reliance of very young children in our family and friend circle, on TV, mobile phones and countless other gadgets, we were frustrated to find that it was becoming increasingly difficult to get children engaged in outdoor play, creating and just exploring. This not only made us feel helpless but also guilty.

At first, we started finding and making science and art learning kits for the children in our family at home. We quickly realized that although the little ones were more engaged and learning without feeling like they are forced to study, we personally felt the struggle to find the time to do the necessary research and come up with great ideas, let alone gather the right materials.

We strongly felt the need to provide support to parents for a hassle free and convenient screen-free learning and bonding experience with their children. With this intention, we came up with the idea of Storybook science and Banyan Tree Kidz was born. Today, Ritika and Jessica work to design boxes with the intention of raising conscious and curious children.

We have a deep appreciation for creative, hands-on learning and literacy that encourages children to be excited about every learning day. Banyan Tree Kidz was created to celebrate kids' natural creativity and curiosity, while assisting parents who want to bring enriching experiences to their children. We want to make learning fun, simple, and joyful for families to spend time building, connecting and creating together".

Ritika and Jessica