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Discover enriching children’s books for kids delivered at your doorstep monthly

There is no other important activity than reading to set up your child for success. Banyan Tree Kidz helps parents and home educators support their child’s reading journey from the very beginning. Our children’s books for kids makes learning to read fun and highly motivating for children aged 4-8.

We do all the reasearch for you

Finding high-quality and engaging children’s books for kids from thousands of new releases every day, can be daunting. We do all the research for you so you do not have to. Every children’s book featured in your Banyan Tree Kidz box is picked after an in-depth research of reviews, feedback from parents and kids and opinion of industry experts. And the best part is that children love it.

Take a look at some of our popular books featured in our boxes.

The Forever Tree


A Chip Off The Old Block



Why reading with your children everyday is importan

• Develops and improves vocabulary and literacy skills

• Builds Independence and Emotions

• Gives children a head start with academic success

• Broadens the mind and sparks imagination

• Reading is fun!

Combining reading with hands-onlearning for an immersive experience

• We have combined 2 of our favourite things, reading and hands-on learning to create an overall immersive developmental experience for your child.

• Every children’s book we choose is not only engaging and vibrantly illustrated but also teaches kids valuable moral lessons.

• The characters and themes from the storybooks are then used to design our highly educational and fun STEM learning kits included in your subscription

• Children and parents can read the storybooks out loud together and then dive into some hands-on learning and play

• This approach has proven to be very effective for children’s learning as they enter their own world of imagination and creation with new monthly concepts and adventures.

At 4 years old

• Enjoy listening to and talking about storybooks

• Understand that books carry a message

•Make attempts to read and write

•Take part in rhyming games

• Identify some letters and make some letter-sound matches

At 5 years old

• Read read several words and attempt to write

• Attempt to spell small words

• Recognize characters and sound simple words

At 6 years old

•Key stage for developing your child’s literacy skills

•Recall and retell short stories that they have read

•Rapidly learn 8 - 10 new words every day