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Learning kits for 4 - 8 years old

Banyan Tree Kidz’s learning kits for 4 - 8 year olds are curated with a focus on their cognitive development milestones in this age-group.

Raise children who love to learn

Being interested, asking the right questions and being curious can go a long way in getting kids excited about learning new things all the time.

How to get your kids interested in Reading

Follow your child’s natural interest

Kids are most engaged when their natural curiosity is encouraged. If your child is interested in bees, read them a book about bees, show them short educational and fun videos on bees, do activities with them that show how bees impact our ecosystem, visit a bee farm, introduce them to the benefits of honey.

Always have children’s books in easy reach

Surround your children with enriching books. Place the books in your living room and bedroom. You can even create an inviting reading corner at home and display their favourite collection of books.

Connect real life to storybooks

When you read books out loud with your children, draw their attention to any real life events which connect to the characters or story of the books. Engage them with places and activities which resonate with the stories they love reading.

Focus on the process not the outcome

Don't push your kids to learn faster than other kids. Sometimes parents might worry about the pace of their child’s learning and force them to engage with activities and books that are not gaining their interest. Remember, every child learns differently and at a different pace. There is no right or wrong way to learn about numbers or science

Ask the right questions

Kids at this age are buzzing with curiosity and ask tons of questions. Ask them new questions every day which get them excited about the quest of finding the right answers. Asking them for answers which they already know causes them to lose interest in the topic which you are trying to teach.

Best subscription box for kids

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