Art Kits for Kids

Every Banyan Tree Kidz box is a wonderful blend of Science & Art (ages 4-8) We firmly believe in including Arts to traditional STEM topics. Each Banyan Tree Kidz box includes at least one art project. With our art kit for kids, young artists build and explore several creative projects that fuse art and science. Creativity and critical thinking work hand-in-hand. This gives little tots the freedom to create and design.

Hands on learning with Art

Our art projects provide hands-on learning combined with visual learning. Hands-on learning is the only way to learn and by far, the best way to engage children into becoming future creators, thinkers, makers and artists. The inclusion of arts in STEM curricula helps build more interest in the rest of the STEM topics. Art in STEM education is designed to teach kids unique ways of using creativity and ingenuity to come up with new solutions to old problems.

Benefit of including art in traditional STEM education

Art encourages critical development, problem solving and hands-on learning. Introducing art to your little one fosters visual learning skills, language development, cultural awareness, Innovative thinking, provides hands-on learning, trial and error techniques and most importantly, a creative mind!

Take a look at our awesome art crates

Make micro-organisms with play dough, indulge in slime play, excavate precious gems, paint and make an exploding volcano!
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