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Edible Cell Model

Edible Cell Model

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A few months ago we launched a cell exploration box, where kiddos got to take a very close look at cells in the human body and learn about the different parts of a cell and their functions. We thought this recipe would make a delicious extension to that box. Follow the instructions below to create an edible human cell model. 

- One box of Jello
- Fruits and Candy (for the organelles)

- Diagram of an animal/human cell and its organelles (you can easily find it online)
- Shallow bowl


Make your jello according to the instructions on the packet and let it set in a large shallow bowl. Once your jello has set, use candy and fruits to create the various organelles in a human cell. Discuss the function of the organelles. 


If you want to learn more about cells click the link below to purchase our cell exploration kit! 





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