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Tissue Paper Lantern

Tissue Paper Lantern

January 30, 2021   /     Banyan Tree Kidz ~   /    0 comments

For many of us, our traditional summer trips have been put on pause due to the global pandemic. But that does mean we cannot bring some of our favorite outdoor activities home. We have a fun and easy tissue paper lantern craft you can make with your kids that you can use for your backyard or living room camping adventure.

- Glass Jar
- Tissue paper (ripped in small pieces)
- White School
- Bowl
- Paint Brush
- Scissors
- Black Construction Paper
- Led Tealight or Flashlight App


Pour the white school glue into a bowl. Work in sections, brushing glue onto the jar then adding tissue paper. Add another layer of glue on top of the tissue to ensure that it sticks to the jar.

Once you have entirely covered your jar with tissue paper cut out some shapes using black construction paper. In this example, we used woodland animal shapes. Stick the shapes onto the jar and brush on some white glue. Allow the jar to dry for at least 4 hours.

Once the jar is completely dry, insert an led tea light or use the flashlight on your smart phone. Use your lantern at night. Enjoy!


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