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DIY Robot Hand: STEAM Activity for Kids


We use our hands every day to hold things, to write, to wave but you may have never asked yourself how do our hands work? Unlike other moving parts in our body our hands do not contain any muscles at all. Our hands have tough fine fibres called tendons that connect the bones in our fingers to the muscles in our arms. In this activity your kiddos will be able to construct a Robotic hand that moves just like a real hand with the help of strings that act like tendons. Follow the instructions below to begin. *Parent assistance and supervision recommended*

- Thin cardboard (cereal box cardboard works great)
- Straws
- Yarn (5 different colours if possible)
- Scissors
- Tape
- Marker


DIY Robot Hand: STEAM Activity for Kids 1

Use a marker to trace your hand on a piece of cardboard. Then cut along the tracing.

DIY Robot Hand: STEAM Activity for Kids 2

Use your hand as a guide and draw lines across each cardboard finger of where your fingers can bend. This is where your joints are.

DIY Robot Hand: STEAM Activity for Kids 3

Crease the cardboard wherever you have drawn a line. This will help the joints bend.

DIY Robot Hand: STEAM Activity for Kids 4

Cut small pieces of straw and place the in between the joints. Use longer pieces of straws for the palm of your hand. Tape the straw pieces in between the joints. straws should not be touching each other. As shown in the image below. Then cut 5 pieces of 12 inch yarn . Each piece of yarn should be a different colour. Thread each piece of yarn through the straws and securely tape it at the back of each fingertip.

DIY Robot Hand: STEAM Activity for Kids 5

Pull the ends of the yarn to see the robotic hand move. Each finger should have a designated colour.

DIY Robot Hand

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