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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

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Although this Easter may look different given the global health concerns, it doesn’t mean that traditions have to be stowed away. Easter egg decorating is a fun and easy way to get the kiddos excited about this holiday. Instead of using store-bought dyes to decorate, try something new by dying your eggs with natural dyes like red cabbage juice, yellow onion peels, and turmeric. Check out the instructions below.

- 5-6 Yellow Onion Peels
- 4 tbsp Tumeric
- 1/2 Cabbage
- Dozen Eggs
- White Vinegar
- Nude Pantyhose
- Flowers and Leaves


To dye eggs with leaf and flower imprints take a leaf or flower and place onto the egg. Then cover the egg with a piece of pantyhose. Tightly tie the pantyhose around the egg.


Blue Eggs
Start by cutting up half a red cabbage and bring it to a boil for about 20 minutes. Then strain the red cabbage and add 2 tbsp of white vinegar. Boil the eggs in the cabbage juice for 10 minutes. Leave the eggs in the dye for at least 5 hours or for darker shades of blue leave it over night.


Yellow Eggs
For yellow eggs add 4 tbsp of ground turmeric and 2 tbsp of white vinegar in 4 cups of water. Boil the eggs in the water for approximately 10 minutes. Let the eggs sit in the dye for at least 3-4 hours for a rich yellow color.


Orange Eggs
Boil a few eggs with yellow onion peels for about 10 minutes. In this method, you only need to let the eggs sit in the dye for 20 minutes after boiling. The eggs changed colours quickly.


Happy Decorating!



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