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Marbled Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs

April 08, 2021   /     Banyan Tree Kidz ~   /    0 comments

Spring is finally here, which means it's time to decorate some eggs for Easter. This year instead of using the traditional method of dying eggs, we tried creating marbled eggs using food colouring and shaving cream. This technique works great and makes beautiful easter eggs. Have fun trying a new technique this year.

- Hard boiled eggs (however many you wish to make)
- Food Colouring
- Food Colouring 
- Sheet pan or baking dish 
- toothpick

Cover a sheet pan or baking dish entirely with shaving cream. Then, add several drops of food colouring. Take a toothpick and drag it across the shaving cream to marble the food colouring. 

Place the hardboiled eggs into the shaving cream.

Spoon on the shaving around the eggs and cover them entirely. 


After 30 minutes wash off the shaving cream under cold water to reveal your beautifully marbled eggs! 





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