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Make Your Own Stardust

Make Your Own Stardust

January 30, 2021   /     Banyan Tree Kidz ~   /    0 comments

"We're made of star stuff" - Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan a famous astronomer once said that we are all made of star stuff. But what does that mean? How could we be made up of the stuff that makes stars? Stars contain carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms from previous generations of stars and humans also contain these elements. How cool is that! In this simple activity, your kids can make their own "stardust" that they can then use to build other things.

- 2 cups of flour
- 1/4-1/2 cup of any cooking oil
- grated or powder sidewalk chalk approx 3 pieces (optional if your kids love tasting things leave this part out)
- Sparkles (optional)
- Playing tray
- Cookie cutters (optional)

Combine the two cups of flour with the powder chalk, mix well. Then add the oil and mix. Lastly, add sparkles.


We recommend pouring the stardust into a large playing traying for your kids. You can give them some cookie cutters to make shapes out of the stardust. This little project makes for great sensory play.


If your child loves stars click the link below to check out our cosmo box where kids get to learn and read all bout stars while completing two fun STEAM craft kits. 

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