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Magic Milk is a great experiment to try with your kids. It definitely has that wow factor you want in an experiment and it also requires very little supplies. Follow the instructions below to give it try.

- milk 2% or whole milk
- shallow bowl
- food colouring
- cotton swab
- dish soap


Start by adding a thin layer of milk to a shallow bowl or dish. 


Add several drops of food coloring to the milk. Take a cotton swab and dip it into dish soap. Then press the cotton swab into the dots of food coloring. Watch the colors move!


How Does it Work?
Milk is made up of water, vitamins, minerals protein, and fat. Inside the milk, the protein and fat molecules are very sensitive to change. When we add dish soap to the milk the molecules from the dish soap react with the fat molecules creating this explosion of colour. The food colouring allows us to see the reaction between the dish soap and the fat molecules which we ordinarily wouldn't be able to. 



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