Fun and Easy Art Project – Banyan Tree Kidz
Fun and Easy Art Project

Fun and Easy Art Project

April 08, 2021   /     Banyan Tree Kidz ~   /    0 comments

     We recently launched our first Art Box where kiddos learnt about 3 different types of art. They explored everything from stained glass windows to abstract modern art.  We loved this box so much we thought it would be fun to explore more styles of art with things that you already have at home. 
     Pointillism is a style of art that was created by George Seuret and Paul Signet in the mid 1880's. In pointillism, the paintings are made using tiny little dots to create shapes and figures. Pointillism is an interesting technique because it does not involve mixing paint colours like more traditional artwork. To create colour, dots of paint are put very close to each other, so close that our eyes actually blend the colours into a fuller range of tones. How cool is that!  Follow the instructions below to create a masterpiece. 
- Cotton Swabs
- Paint
- Colouring Page
- Rubber band 

Print a colouring page online. Then, paint your colouring page using a cotton swab. Dab the paint on the paper to create small dots. For larger sections wrap a rubber band around several cotton swabs. This will create a quicker application. You can also use thin tip markers instead of paint if you are doing this project with older kids. Enjoy! 

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