FALL STEM Experiment | Dancing Popcorn Kernels – Banyan Tree Kidz
FALL STEM Experiment | Dancing Popcorn Kernels

FALL STEM Experiment | Dancing Popcorn Kernels

September 16, 2021   /     Banyan Tree Kidz ~   /    0 comments

Fall is finally here, which means it's time to introduce fall inspired STEM activities! This science experiment is perfect to do with your kiddos, especially since it is very simple to put together and only contains 3 ingredients that you most likely already have. This STEM dancing Popcorn Kernel experiment will have your kids mesmerized as they watch the popcorn kernels dance around a jar. Follow the instructions below to complete this awesome fall inspired science experiment!

- 1/2 Cup Popcorn Kernels
- 1-2 Cups of Vinegar
- 2 TBS of Baking Soda
- Spoon
- Tall Jar
-1 Cup of Water

How To
Start by adding water to the jar. Next, add the popcorn kernels and baking soda and mix them together with a spoon. Lastly, add in the vinegar. You will begin to see a lot of bubbles form. As the bubbles settle you will see the popcorn kernels begin to dance!

How does it work?
When you mix baking soda and vinegar together, a chemical reaction occurs and forms carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide are the small bubbles that you see. These tiny bubbles attach themselves to the popcorn kernels and lift them to the surface. Once they reach the surface the bubbles pop and the kernels fall, creating this up and down dancing motion! How cool is that! 


















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