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Top 6 Children's Books for ages 4-8

Top 6 Children's Books for ages 4-8

February 10, 2021   /     Ritika Dhirmalani   /    0 comments

Best Children's Books for ages 4-8


Empowering storylines, engaging illustrations, educational and fun, these must-read children’s books have the ability to get your kids hooked on reading. Some of these ‘magical reads’ have cultural importance; others build imaginations and open kids’ minds to endless possibilities. These gems belong in every kid’s library and can be passed on as hand-me downs in classrooms and libraries. This list is appropriate for kids between ages 4-8 years. Although the age group seems broad, they all will be able to enjoy different aspects of the books. Whether your child is just starting to read, or a reluctant reading, these famous and enriching books will leave you wanting for more.


Take a look at best 6 Children's Books for ages 4-8 books that we have featured in our past boxes!

1. The Forever Tree written by Donna Lukas and Tereasa Surratt

 The ‘Forever Tree’ published in 2018 by celebrated author Donna Lukas and Tereasa Surratt, has already become a children’s book literature classic. The illustrations in the book portray brightly coloured spaces and cheerful depictions of animals and people.The author appears to draw on her experience from her childhood in this book. She recalls the story of a special tree in her community of Wisconsin which had become a comfortable spot for various animals and humans to gather and mingle. The trunk of the tree had become the best place “to host championship bingo tournaments, and the branches were perfect for swinging in the shade”! However, one day the tree gets sick. The animals and humans begin on an adventure to save their place of sanctuary and preserve the tree’s legacy. The only way to renew the ‘forever tree’ is to ask members of the community to join forces if they have any chance of saving their treetop home. The ‘Forever Tree’ is a timeless and an inspiring story about renewal, family, and home.

Best 6 Children's Books for ages 4-8


2. All Ears, All Eyes written by Richard Jackson, Katherine Tillotson

 This book is truly magical in it’s essence where Richard Jackson’s bedtime story entices the curiosity of the young reader with sensory text and imagination. Kids are introduced to glorious landscapes, the scenic beauty of the moon and, the creatures of the night such as the glowing fireflies, foxes and mice. The rich illustrations of the book are digitally worked with watercolors, and clever strokes of paints often give the reader an illusion of morphing shapes and fonts on every page. Readers will revel in finding hidden creatures in the darkening forests and will learn all about colors, shapes, and sounds made by forest-loving animals. The book encourages observational and sensory skills in young children and definitely makes a valuable addition to their library. Parents can encourage children in finding newly hidden creatures every time they read the book with fresh eyes.

Best Children's Books for ages 4-8


3. Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos” written by Stephanie Roth Sisson

Carl Sagan was a well-renowned and dynamic astronomer and scientist who was very curious about life in space and spent his life studying the stars, planets and the Cosmos. Carl Sagan came to the conclusion that “the earth and everything living thing are made of star stuff”. The book not only teaches kids about our galaxy and space, but also shows them the power of imagination, curiosity, and belief. It follows the journey of Carl Sagan and takes kids on an adventurous ride into the universe. Children will be introduced to the concept of star-gazing, constellations, star matter, the Big Bang, amongst other inter-galactic objects within our Universe. This book makes the perfect night-time read for your starry-eyed little ones.

Best Children's Books
4. A Chip off The Old Block written by Josie Shaffer and illustrated by Daniel Miyares.

This box is perfect for our young geologists who are fascinated with rocks, gems, minerals, volcanoes, and exploring the hidden secrets of the earth. The book follows the adventurous journey of a pebble who thinks of itself as a boulder and sets out to prove to everyone that little ones can accomplish great things. Filled with comic rock puns, this witty and light-hearted book tells a tale about a tiny pebble that travels far and wide, encountering several pitfalls, to find his famous rock formation relatives. The pebble does not let his confidence break and keeps rolling with the punches to become a part of his rock star family. Children learn about erosion, weathering, and rock formation as they follow the pebble through this journey. Set against the vibrant illustrations of majestic landscapes, this quirky tale of 'Chip' the pebble not only teaches kids about perseverance in the face of obstacles but also introduces them to the fascinating topic of geology and earth science. 

Best Children's Book STEM
5. ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ written by Hayley Barrett and illustrated by Diana Sudyka.

Each night, Maria stood on her rooftop with a telescope and examined the sky. One day, she came across an unusual celestial object – a comet, a discovery that would change the field of astronomy forever. This artistically illustrated book follows the story of a young girl from humble beginnings and her fascination with the night sky. Her passion led her to discover a comet and paved the way for future female astronomers. Using lyrical text along with simplistic and enchanting artwork, the book explores the life and discoveries of Maria. ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ is an awe-inspiring story for our future scientists everywhere.


6. Free as a Bird: The Story of Malala written by Lina Maslo.

Perfect book for celebrating International Women’s Day, ‘Free as a Bird: The Story of Malala’ is written and beautifully illustrated by debut author Lina Maslo. This awe-inspiring story is a true story of Malala Yousafzai, human rights activist and the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17. The book tells a story about a little girl who attended her father’s classroom, absorbing the lessons meant for older children until it became difficult for girls to attend school. However, this did not stop little Malala and she became a human rights activist for the right of girl’s education and became a prominent figure all over the world. The story teaches the little ones about courage, empowerment, dedication, equality and freedom.


Did you have any particular favourites from our list? We spend countless hours researching the best children's books based on parents and kids' feedback, expert reviews, trending topics, classics and new releases. We will keep updating our list so you don't have to spend time going through scores of books on the internet! 

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