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The Most Meaningful Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

The Most Meaningful Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

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What do you buy for the kid who has everything? The market will always have different and new gadgets and toys that we buy for our kids, and it ends up leaving kids with toys they cannot count and usually forget about after playing with it once or twice. The most challenging part is offering your kid something that is outside the box. Kids who have everything, usually don’t tend to fully appreciate just another gift or item. This is why most toys after a while, end up catching dust. But the good part is, you can definitely find gifts for kids that have everything - they just have to be meaningful. 

Here are some meaningful gifts for kids who have everything:

1. Fun subscription kits: A monthly surprise of fun and learning is a great gift for kids. Gifts will anticipate this subscription box that can be a DIY craft box or a DIY science box for the ones who love science and adventure. Banyan Tree Kidz has a great range of STEM kits for kids that are not only a great learning experience for kids, but it also makes learning fun and engaging. You can pick from a range of arts and craft, science kits, math kits and even engineering kits for your kids. These monthly hands-on activities are perfect for young curious kids. 


2. Music lessons: Music lessons are a great gift for kids. There are numerous music instruments that they could pick from, so enroll them for classes which they find interesting and are curious about. Music lessons can be pricey, so giving one or a series of lessons can be a real gift which kids will appreciate. 


3. Send your kids mail: The excitement of getting mail addressed to you doesn’t even go away as an adult! Subscribe to a kid’s magazine and address it to them in your mail. This will also help them with their reading skills. You can also encourage your kids to write mail to their friends and get them excited about waiting for their friends’ response in the mail. 


4.  Make a fun playlist: Curate a playlist of your kids’ favourite songs that they can jam to. Surprise your kids with their favourite songs collated and you can either have a fun karaoke night with them or have a dance party! Music brings everyone together. 


5. Teach them a skill: The gift of learning a new skill is an unmatched one. The skill could be teaching them a new language, teaching them to read or even teaching them how to bake! Baking is a great way to interact and spend time with your kids as there’s always a treat at the end of it. 


6. Gardening tools: Gardening provides kids with lots of opportunities to learn about botany and ecosystems and best of all get them outside! This is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids. Go outside and plant your favourite fruits and vegetables and get them handy. 


7. Tickets to an event: Giving your kid something to look forward to, may be the greatest gift of all. Whether it's tickets to a concert, a play, or a dance performance, giving tickets to an event gives kids something to look forward to. Make it a date and dress up and get them all excited for it. It’s a win-win situation for both kids and parents!


8.  Sign them up for a class: If your kid has a hobby or is particularly interested in something, sign them up for a class similar to their interest. Kids’ young minds are like sponges and they will absorb all the knowledge they get when they are young. It could be a cooking class, a photography class, a painting class, or anything that will help them create memories. 


9. Take them for a nature walk: Spend some time with your kids outdoors and amidst nature! This can be a refreshing change for the both of you. You can even plan a scavenger hunt on the walk and make it more interesting for the young ones.


10. Plan a camping trip: Surprise your kids with a camping trip in the backyard or even by setting up a cosy tent in your living room. You can even host a game night for this fun trip. Make some hot chocolate and read a book with your kid and we promise, it will definitely help create some good memories. 


11. Make a donation to sponsor an animal: Most local zoos, aquariums, and animal sanctuaries allow you to donate in this way and sponsor an animal. Plan a visit to the zoo with your kids and introduce them to the animal you sponsored. You can talk about how your donation went towards feeding the animal, getting medicine for when it’s sick and how the caretakers will take care of them at the zoo on your kid’s behalf. This is one gift that your kid who has everything, will never forget.


12. Volunteer together: This could be a great time to teach your kids about life and help them value the things they have. You can volunteer at a local food pantry to sort food donations, help out at a soup kitchen preparing or serving food, visit an assisted living facility or nursing home to bring some much needed light into the residents’ lives, deliver meals and more. Not only will you be giving the family an experience they’ll remember, but also fostering your kids’ empathy for others in need. 

Gifting your kids memories may be the best gift they receive. Spend time with your kids, do activities that involve you spending some one-on-one time with them. Kids look up to their parents as role models, so being involved in their life and daily routines will definitely help that bond get stronger. Gift your kid your time and they will always appreciate your efforts and patience in creating those memories for them. Experience gifts are the greatest of them all, no toy or gadget could even come close. 

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