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The Best Subscription Boxes for Holidays

The Best Subscription Boxes for Holidays

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The holiday season means it’s time for some serious shopping. Choosing something unique and fun can be tough. So where do you begin? Well, we’ve got a monthly way out for you - what better gift than a monthly subscription box? A gift which is curated and sent straight to your loved one and all you have to worry about is placing an order! Whether it’s candy, clothes, toys, arts & crafts, there are hundreds of gift subscription boxes that you can surprise your friends or family with. We’ve made things easier for you this holiday season and have curated a list of subscription boxes that you can gift kids and adults.


          Best Subscription Boxes for Kids


1. The Birthday Box - Special Edition - This STEAM kit for kids is a great way to celebrate your little one’s birthday! Perfect for young aspiring bakers - you can find supplies to create a faux cake with confetti and buttercream slime - all supplies included. A cake recipe, 2 STEAM learning kits, a fun story book about ‘Cake,’ fascinating keepsakes are one of the many things included in this goody box. This box can even be a great takeaway gift for kids at a birthday party!

2. Space Edition: StarStruck Box - Do your kids fantasize about space? If yes, this Space Edition STEAM kit lets them learn more about space not only through books but also through our STEAM learning kits. With this STEAM kit, your kid can build a comet launcher, construct a telescope and design a magical wand reading pointer to read your storybook included in this box. 

3. Biology in a Box - Cell Exploration - Young aspiring biologists and future doctors can study the structure of the cell and vital organs through this learning kit. Sew and build your own ‘cell’ pillow with this kit. This box also includes a great children’s story book which teaches kids everything about human cells. This STEAM kit is a great way to explore science with your young kids. 

4. Space Edition: Moon Phase Box - This fun space box includes 2 STEAM activity kits. Kids can make a Lunar calendar with different phases of the moon and also make a beautiful Moon Mobile which is a fun way of introducing kids to engineering. Learn about the different phases of the moon with our special children’s book pick - a peek-through picture book!

5. Pets Box - Curious about why dogs wag their tails? Learn all about the things pets do through a wonderfully illustrated book called ‘50 Wacky Things Pets Do’ which is included in this box! If your kids love pets, this STEAM kit is an ideal choice for them. This artsy and crafty STEAM kit allows your kids to build and design a wonderful aquarium that also serves as a mini bank. You can also find art supplies to make crafty chameleons while playing an exciting game.  

6. Bird STEM Box - Explore nature all packed in this Bird STEM Box. You can listen to the sounds of birds in their natural habitat though the children’s book included in this STEAM box. This kit has 3 STEAM learning activities where young engineers can construct a safe home for birds, or craft a ‘bird mask’ and lastly have some fun with play-doh and build birds for your DIY bird nest.

7. High-flying Airplane STEAM Box - Crafted for all the young aspiring engineers, this box comes with a paper plane experiment and supplies to make a model airplane. Learn about the basics of aerodynamics with this STEAM learning kit, find out what makes a plane fly and even design a mini-passport. This box includes an inspiring book about a young girl who wanted to be a pilot, and turned her dreams into reality by becoming the first female pilot! Teach your kids about turning dreams into reality. 

8. Rock & Roll Musical STEM Box - This fun Rock & Roll STEM box is a perfect gift for the young aspiring musicians. This STEM box includes a rhythmic bedtime storybook ‘Nighttime symphony’ by award-winning musician Timbaland and brilliantly illustrated by Christopher Myers. This box includes 3 STEAM learning kits. Little musicians can construct their own guitar, make a tambourine and design their very own rain stick. Enjoy screen-free learning time with this STEM kit.

             Best Subscription Boxes for Adults


Here are some of our favourite subscription boxes to gift adults this holiday season:

1. Cheese of the Month Club - This delicious subscription cheese box includes items chosen from the highest quality selections and hand-picked at peak ripeness. From the most delectable cheddars and triple creams to the brightest goat cheeses and most savory washed rind wheels, this cheese box is at the top of the cheese delivery game.

2. Rest of the US - Have indoor plants delivered to your doorstep with the help of this plant subscription box. This subscription box helps new plant parents to build confidence with plants. They start off with easy-to-take-care-of-plants and as they build your confidence, they slowly introduce you to more exotic species while continuing to provide instructions on how to sustain your plants and build lasting plant-care habits. 

3. Blue Apron Wine Club - Get a monthly delivery of delicious wines from renowned winemakers. Enjoy pairing-sized wines that hold the perfect amount for two to share. This is a great holiday gift for wine connoisseurs. 

4. Mix Box by Homemade Bakers - This holiday gift box is perfect for someone who is passionate about baking. Bake delicious desserts “from scratch” in your own home with a Mix Box! It comes with step by step instructions, in combination with pre-measured ingredients, making for a perfect dessert every time you bake.

5. Globein Box - Encourage guilt-free gifting this holiday season with Globein. This subscription box includes fair trade products that come with a story. Their products are made by traditional artisans all over the world, supporting locals from India, Mexico, and beyond. 

6. Monthly Vinyl Subscription - Vinyl Me Please offers one of the most exciting monthly gifts for a music lover. In this monthly subscription, your friends or family will receive an exclusive record a month, like a hot pink vinyl from their favorite old-school band. 

Happy shopping from Banyan Tree Kidz. The holiday season can be tough but this list will help you win that battle!

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