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The Best Indoor Winter Activities For Your Family in 2021

The Best Indoor Winter Activities For Your Family in 2021

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So what do you do when it’s too cold to go outside and play out in the snow? The answer is treating your kids and yourself to some fun indoor winter activities! From whipping up some delicious hot chocolate, to building an indoor snowman, there are a lot of options to keep busy at home. Here are some of our favourite indoor winter activities for the family:


1. Snowman Snacks: Baking is a fun family activity especially during winters! The warmthness of the oven and the aromas in the kitchen make it such a special family activity. Gather the kids in the kitchen to bake a batch of snowman cookies or even snowman cupcakes. It’s a fun way to even introduce kids to measurements with the help of the ingredients used for baking. Always a good idea to introduce a little learning while you play! 

2. Indoor Snowball Fight: When it’s too cold to play outside, bring some of the outdoor fun indoors and have a mock snowball fight at home! Of course this one does not include real snow - you can roll up balls of paper, white socks, or even make your own fabric snowballs. Give each kid a bucket of these indoor snowballs and let the snowball fight begin! 

3. Winter Hot Cocoa Picnic: After the indoor snowball fight, the kids will want to warm up with some hot cocoa. Create a little indoor picnic and throw a white blanket on the floor near your fireplace or build a faux fire and place it in the middle. Whip up some hot cocoa, serve it with cookies or marshmallows, and let the kids gather for a warm winter picnic. 

4. Movie Marathon: Cozy up with your kids for a movie marathon night! Let your kids pick from some of the best winter classics or even you can introduce them to your favourite childhood movies like Home Alone, Ghostbusters, Annie and more. 

5. Indoor scavenger hunt: Set up an indoor scavenger hunt for your kids with fun winter clues. You can find DIY ideas online or even let your imagination go wild! Always remember to end the hunt with prizes to motivate your kids.

6. Homemade Winter Cottage: This inexpensive and fun activity can be done with supplies lying around your house. With a large cardboard box and a few craft supplies, you and the kids can build your very own winter cottage. Cut the window and door holes out of the box and then let them decorate with any of their favourite craft supplies like paint, glue, markers, ornaments, and of course, fake snow for the roof and a chimney with any extra cardboard lying around the house. 

7. Build a Snowman: We promise you don’t need to leave your house for this one. This indoor snowman includes a bunch of large white pillowcases which you need to stuff with pillow stuffing, comfy clothes, or even crumpled up paper, and you have an indoor snowman. Velcro can help to stack them as well as be used for affixing items such as buttons for eyes, nose, and mouth. 

8. Indoor Book Club: Schedule book club sessions with your kids during the week, where you can allow them to pick the book for the week. Encourage them to read and ask questions in the book club which will help them learn and engage. 

9. Art projects: DIY art kits are a great way to keep your kids entertained at home during winters. Encourage them to draw or create their favourite memories of winter. Arts & crafts fosters visual learning skills, innovative thinking and the most important of all, keeps your kid engaged. Banyan Tree Kidz’ Art Kits fuse the worlds of art and science through our curated creative projects. Our Art Kits encourage critical thinking, problem solving and hands-on learning.

10. Karaoke: Nothing better than jamming together with your family with some Christmas classics! Put on your favourite Christmas songs this winter and have a karaoke contest with your kids. 

11. Make bird seed ornaments: Take care of your feathered friends this winter and at the same time, teach your kids about the birds in your backyard. Make some bird seed ornaments with the help of dome gelatin, water, corn syrup and cookie cutters. Learn more about this science experiment in our blog for Best Winter Science Experiments for Kids. 

12. Exercise together: Winters can get lethargic and boring indoors. Exercise is a great way to release all that energy and stay fit at the same time. Pick exercises or activities such as skipping rope, jumping activities, etc. are easy to do indoors. Engage kids at home with some family activities that keep everyone at home on their feet. 


Burn off that winter energy with the help of these fun winter indoor activities. DIY STEM activities too are a great way to keep your kids occupied during the winter season. It makes for a great indoor learning activity that challenges your kids to critically think, innovate and engage in problem solving. We have some of the most engaging and fun learning kits that suit all of your kid’s interests. From art kits to engineering kits, we have curated kits after spending countless hours in research, to make every kit simple and engaging for kids to learn, explore and create. STEM education integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics and is an interdisciplinary approach to learning which is combined with real-life lessons. Introducing subjects like science, engineering and arts & crafts in early years better wires children’s brains for better problem solving, building a positive attitude towards the subjects, which leads to cognitive development and a growing mindset.


Make learning fun again with Banyan Tree Kidz. When it’s cold outside, our STEM and STEAM kits will come to the rescue. Our learning kits are crafted so that you can engage in all the activities as a family and spend some learning and fun-filled time together. In a highly digitalized world, spend some offline quality time with Banyan Tree Kidz.

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