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Story Book Science

Story Book Science

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Story Book Science - All you need to know in 2021

What is storybook science?

It is no secret that early childhood reading is one of the single most important tool or skill necessary for a child’s cognitive development and is essential to set them up for success from the very beginning of their lives. At the same time, tons of research in the field of childhood education has proven that the best way to get children interested and engaged is by introducing them to hands-on learning at a young age. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning combined with real-life lessons. STEM integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and it uses hands-on learning to introduce complex topics about how the world works and breaks it down to it’s most basic form for young minds
We wanted to combine literacy and hands-on learning together to implement an
approach, which caters to the development of a child, as a whole. Storybook science is a distinctive approach, which brings storybooks to life in the most fun and educational way. We design the best science and art learning kits which are inspired by children’s storybooks.



Not only do kids learn valuable lessons from the storybooks but they also have an
opportunity to get further involved in the topic by indulging in some fun-play time with the monthly themed STEM activity kits inspired by the monthly magical reading. Every Banyan Tree Kidz box encourages young minds to think about how the world works. We choose the most engaging children’s storybooks written by celebrated children’s book authors and published by reputed children’s book publishing houses such as Harper Collins, Random House, Penguin kids and more. The science and art activity kits are designed and inspired by the monthly storybook, which we call ‘Monthly Magical Reads’.



There is an overwhelming amount of proven research and data which makes it clear as to why early literacy is so vital for a child’s brain development and consequently, how as parents, it is the most significant step in setting our children up for success.

Hands-on learning can and should start as early as you possibly can. In the early years, your child’s brain soaks up everything at a rapid pace. This pace of learning for the kids in the initial 8 years is unprecedented and this capacity to absorb new concepts and learn cannot be replicated for their adult life. 

By age 3, approximately 85% of core brain is formed, it is evident that children who are exposed to early literacy and language skills, become better readers. Due to a highly digitalized world today, children are spending more than 7 hours on average on gadgets and even more due to a global pandemic. Reducing screen time by making learning fun has never been more important and vital than now. Starting them young to become conscious leaders of the future, is the only way to go!



Reading and storytelling with your child promotes brain development, imagination and teaches your child about language and emotions while strengthening your relationship. According to research, a child’s academic success at ages 9 and 10 are largely attributed to the amount of talk and words that they hear in the first 3 years of their life.



  • Help your child get to know words and language, and develop early literacy skills
  • Learn to value books and stories
  • Help your child’s brain, social skills and communication skills develop
  • Help your child learn the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make-believe’
  • Help your child understand change and new or frightening events, and also the
  • strong emotions that can go along with them.


  • Actively creating knowledge rather than passively consuming it
  • It is by far a more engaging way to learn
  • Proven to lead increased retention in children
  • It is designed to offer practice in problem solving and critical thinking
  • It often results in physical creation and unplanned inventions. Eureka!



We have found a unique approach to educate your children. We understand the grave importance of childhood learning and hands-on learning. The single most factor in influencing a child’s early educational success is due to introducing  reading and books at home before beginning school. Similarly, hands-on stimulated learning without a doubt, is the best way to develop a solid foundation for academic and emotional success. It is the only way to guarantee retention of material amongst the development of several other cognitive skills like imagination, curiosity, and innovation.

Banyan Tree Kidz boxes are carefully curated keeping in mind a 360 degree growth approach for your child. We do the research and provide you access to a at-home library which will keep growing with a collection of enriching books. Most importantly, these storybooks come to life when combined with our inspired science and art projects to solidify the concepts and learning.

We also believe that relationships are our strongest and most powerful
currency. We want to provide parents, grandparents, and siblings with a bonding
experience through our activity boxes. Today, parents are busier than ever with
increasing demands on our time from work, and external pressures. An average family in North America only spends about 37 minutes of quality family bonding time together. This is less than the time we spend on Netflix in a day. According to research done by Hart, B. & Risley, T.R (1995), an average child from a professional family hears 215, 000 words a week, a child from a working class family hears 125,000 words per week and a family receiving welfare benefits hears 62,000 words per week. The amount of talk that parents do with their children, shapes their early cognitive development.

We want to make it convenient for parents and assist them to educate, teach, and grow their family in a fun-filled way. Banyan Tree Kidz also firmly believes that to raise a conscious generation of innovators, thinkers, makers, artists and scientists, it is imperative more than ever before, to introduce our children to complex topics of our society on topics of racism, community, climate change, equality as early as we can. Banyan Tree Kidz chooses important books
and relevant topics to introduce such topics to young minds in a fun and
meaningful way. 



We are North America’s first company to combine early childhood literacy and hands-on learning and bring it directly to parents in a most cost-efficient and convenient manner. Instead of subscribing to 2 separate subscriptions, namely a book subscription and craft or STEM based subscription box, we have worked hard to provide more value to the customer by providing an option for them to subscribe to a single subscription and teaching science through stories. Our mission is to make a difference in lives and reach as many children as possible. Making Banyan Tree Kidz affordable for all families is at the forefront of our values.


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