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Parents Guide to the Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Parents Guide to the Best Indoor Activities for Kids

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As parents, one of the most challenging things during this pandemic has been trying to channel all our young kids’ energy into something productive. Kids with all that energy plus being inside always equals chaos. But being indoors does not always have to be chaotic, because there are a lot of ways you can create a great learning and play environment for your kids indoors. 

So how do you fight boredom at home? Being confined to our homes has not been easy for our kids, and let’s face it, it hasn't been easy for adults either. The key is to keep your kids not only busy physically but also mentally. Kids need to challenge their minds as much as their muscles. 

 Let us tell you about the best indoor activities for kids. 

Best Indoor Activities to Fight Boredom

1. Arts & Crafts: Engage your kids in indoor activities that stretch their imagination and inspire them. Arts and crafts is a great way to incorporate more hands-on learning in your kid’s daily schedule. Banyan Tree Kidz has a great collection of Art Kits and Craft Kids that help in your child’s early growth and development.

 2. In-house theatre: Putting on plays is a great way to instill a sense of  confidence and self-esteem in your kids. Enacting their favourite plays or scenes from movies, can help your kids in the future with public speaking and activities that require them to be socially interactive. Theatre is a great opportunity for kids to express themselves. 

3. Introduce them to cooking: Involving your kids in household chores can help your kids learn new life skills. Cooking also has various learning aspects such as math, health, reading, learning independence and more. Teach your kids to read recipes and cooking instructions. You can even teach your kids about math and measurements through measuring ingredients, pouring and mixing. Cooking is a life skill that will help your kid in the long run. Take a look at Banyan Tree Kidz’ birthday box which is perfect for a young bake

4. Encourage reading: Reading helps spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity. Make reading a daily habit in your household and encourage your kids to read about the things that interest them - it could be about cars, dinosaurs, space and the galaxy. Reading helps in language development and expanding their vocabulary. Make reading in your home a family habit. 

5. Involve them in gardening: Gardening is not only a great way to spend some quality time with family, but also a great physical development activity. Gardening helps kids learn to plan and organise. Give your kids small responsibilities such as watering the plants or planting seeds, anything that will help them learn about responsibilities. 

6. Science experiments: Help your kids learn more about science through fun science experiments at home. Banyan Tree Kidz has simplified abstract science concepts through our fun Science Kits that helps kids discover science through hands-on learning and immersive DIY projects. Many children find science to be one of the harder subjects, but our kits make science more accessible and fun for your kids to learn. 

7. Have an indoor “camp out”: Switch up your living room and transform it into your very own indoor campsite! Build a pillow/blanket fort with your kids, cook up a fun meal, toast some marshmallows in the oven, put on some great music, have a dance party and more to accompany your indoor “camp out.” 

8. Family games: Make isolation a fun family time by planning indoor activities that you can do as a family. Board games, puzzles are great ways to have fun as a family and also helps kids with communication and team-building skills. Spending quality time as a family also helps create great memories and makes the most out of being confined at home.

9. Storytelling: Storytelling is another way to build your child’s confidence and public speaking skills. Let your kids use their vivid imagination to come up with a story to narrate. Storytelling is a fun skill that allows kids to express themselves which is essential to speaking in front of an audience. A great way to end your storytelling session is to encourage your kids to pen down their story on paper!

10. Create a family time capsule: Even though we are currently confined to our homes, the memories we make are something that will stay with us forever. Always remember to document these memories. A great way to do so is by creating a time capsule! Create something that you can look back on in a year or even in the next five years or so. You can include the DIY activities that you’ve done with your kids, photos, letters or even your kid’s favourite toy. Your kids can even write down their favourite memory on a piece of paper or even the names of their best friends and toss it in the capsule. You can easily make these capsules by placing these items in a box or a bottle. Hide it away somewhere safe and set a date to open it up. 

These indoor activities for kids are sure to create some great family memories at home. Always remember to not make learning or play seem like a task for kids. Plan out a daily schedule so that kids can get into a routine at home and also have time to relax and do their own thing.  

Take advantage of your kid’s energy and curiosity and encourage their young brain to critically think and also innovate. You can learn more on how to do so with the help of Banyan Tree Kidz. Make indoor activities for kids a wholesome learning experience!

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