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How to Raise Confident Kids and Boost their Self Esteem

How to Raise Confident Kids and Boost their Self Esteem

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From a young age, kids soak in everything around them at a dizzying rate. Along with the ability to acquire new skills at a fast rate, they also acquire the confidence to use them. Confidence is an important aspect while learning at a young age as it helps young kids trust in their own capabilities. A young child’s mental and social happiness will help with their self esteem. Being confident is the foundation to a child’s well-being and also helps in their growth and cognitive development. 

STEM Education is an interdisciplinary learning approach that combines the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math which helps young kids to critically think and innovate. Since STEM Education involves hands-on learning, it gives young children an opportunity to do things by themselves, which gives them the confidence to try new things and take risks. When kids take risks, they learn, and learning never stops. 

So how do you make your kids feel capable and make the most of their skills?

1. Model confidence yourself: Kids look up to everything adults do and are quick learners. Whenever you are taking on a new task, do it with positivity and commitment. Let your kids see you get through tasks with confidence and optimism. Let them also see the downside to it all, no one's perfect - but instead, focus on the positives instead of the negatives. 

2. Let your child take risks: Taking risks doesn’t have to be a daunting task as a child. For parents, give your child space to do things by themselves and make them competent for the world. Step back, let your child make decisions, take risks and learn from their mistakes. They will eventually learn to work on their mistakes which will help them build confidence in the task they are performing. STEM Kits are a great way to get your kids to engage in hands-on activities where they are forced to critically think, innovate and make decisions. 

3. Normalise mistakes: Getting upset over mistakes is not going to help anyone. Teach your kids that mistakes are bound to happen when you’re taking up new tasks and it is all a part of learning. Learning from mistakes is better than dwelling on them. Taking setbacks in stride is all a part of building confidence in your kids.

4. Let them make their own choices: This could be simple things such as letting them decide what to wear. Kids will learn from their own choices and if they make an error, they will themselves know how to rectify it the next time. 

5. Encourage your kids to try new things: Go beyond the textbook learning at school and help your kids focus all their energy into something they haven’t tried or explored before. Attaining new skills makes kids feel capable and confident, which helps them tackle anything that comes their way. 

6. Let them help around the house: Involving your kids in household chores is a good way to make them more responsible. Encouraging them to help with cooking, setting the table, will allow them to feel that their contribution is valuable. 

7. Help them find their passion: Encourage your kids to engage in new hobbies or activities that will help them learn outside school. Kids at a young age have quick minds which soak in information at a better rate than us adults. Introduce your kids to STEM learning at a young age, which will help them explore their passion and engage in activities designed for them. Our STEM Kits have various activities that help kids engage in hands-on learning, critical thinking and innovation. They can further explore their interests be it art, science, math or engineering with the help of our kits. 

8. Praise perseverance: Trying till you succeed is something that we’ve all been taught as kids. Learning not to give up at the first setback is an important life skill for all kida and even adults. Confidence and self-esteem are not about succeeding at everything all the time, but it is about trying till you succeed and not being beaten down if you are not the absolute best.  

9. Set goals: Help your kids articulate goals and encourage them to achieve them. This will help boost your kid’s confidence and their self esteem. Making lists helps your kids be organised. Make your kid list down all the things they’d like to achieve, be it a small or a big goal, this will help them feel strong and independent. For bigger goals, set realistic benchmarks. Throughout this entire process, validate your kids’ interests and help them learn the skills they’ll need to attain their goals throughout their life.

10. Offer appropriate praise: Last but not the least, praise your kids for their efforts, but an appropriate amount. Ensure the praise they receive is specific and earned. Kids are masters at detecting insincere praise so always remember to never pass hollow compliments. 

Through it all, always remember to spend quality one-on-one time with your kids. This allows you to have an open conversation with them and learn more about their interests and what’s on their mind. It is important for you to help your kids discover their own unique talents and qualities and to help them and encourage them to value their own strengths. Let your kids take pride in their accomplishments and challenge them to take on more tasks that will test their capabilities.  

Encourage your kids to engage in hands-on learning with the help of Banyan Tree Kidz’s DIY kits. Every kit curated by us, is curated after spendings hundreds of hours in research. Our kits include educational story books, kid-friendly learning material, exhibiting keepsakes and more. Encourage independent play with your kids and help them build their confidence by engaging them in educational tasks. Celebrate their effort as it takes a lot of hard work to develop new skills. As grown ups, we all know that perfection is unrealistic. So, always remember to boost your kid’s self esteem and build their confidence by reminding them about how important their effort is and let them know that you love them no matter what. 

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