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How To Make Math Fun for Kids

How To Make Math Fun for Kids

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Math may seem like an intimidating subject to kids, but with the right ways and techniques, math can be a fun subject to learn at home! To make math fun for kids is just about finding that right learning combination for your child. Math plays a major role in a young child’s development. Apart from school homework, there are many ways to make math less of a mental trip and more of an engaging experience.  

Here Are Some Fun Math Activities for Kids

1. Play math brain games: Give your kid’s brain a workout with some fun brain games. Make math flash cards to aid your kid’s memory and retention. Create math riddles with common household items around the house to make the game more relatable. Board games are another great way of introducing math to kids. Teach your kids how to count the numbers on the dice. Play shop with them where they can use play money to purchase goods from the ‘shop.’ Encourage them to count the change they receive and take notes of the shapes of the packaging and so on.

2. Encourage kids to save: If you are giving your kid’s allowance, teach them how to save. Introduce your kids to piggy banks. Offer to add to their piggy banks if they can learn to keep a certain amount inside. This is a great way to get them thinking differently about their money, while encouraging better spending habits. 

3. Follow a recipe: If you look closely, math is present in almost every aspect of our daily lives. The greatest application of math is found in one of the most common household chores - cooking! Following a recipe is as good as solving a math equation. Teaching your kids to follow a recipe is a great way to introduce them to math. Cutting vegetables into half can teach them about half and full, measuring ingredients can teach them about quantities. 

4. Use picture books: Picture books are one of the best ways to make math fun for kids. Use picture books during your math lesson at home to engage your kid and make math a fun subject. You can find topics from counting to multiplication. Reading a book aloud is a great way to interest your child into learning math.

5. Bring in real objects: Always use real objects to teach a concept. Math can be an intimidating subject for some kids, so it is essential to make the subject more accessible. Be creative while teaching about topics like geometry, graphing, addition or any of the other math subjects. Use household objects to teach addition. Take a bag of vegetables and use it to teach addition or solve a math problem. It could be any household item that will grab your kid’s attention.

6. Have math quizzes: Create quizzes for some friendly competition time with your kids. Another way of involving your kids more into the game, is giving them an opportunity to create their own math problems. They can insert their own names or even their friends’ names in the math problems to make it more interesting.

7. Make math visual: Visuals have always been a great way of learning. Cut out bold numbers with your kids and teach them about numbers and counting. Bring in a whiteboard to draw objects that will visually help your child. Visuals hold your kid’s attention and help them better understand abstract ideas.

8. Take a grocery trip: Food is the constant motivator in all aspects of our lives. Take a day out with your kids, create a budget with them and head to the store. Encourage your kids to solve math problems such as how much discounts would amount to on a food item. Ask your kids to buy food items within the budget created. In an environment like a grocery store, kids get an opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real world.

9. Keep your child’s interests into account: Math can be related to almost any interest in the world. Ask your kids what they are interested in - if it’s computers, teach them about coding. If your kid loves fashion, help them create something and teach them about measurements at the same time. If your kid loves building things and loves hands-on activities, help them design and build toys or even legos. Always incorporate your child’s interests into learning to make learning a fun activity and not seem like a task

10. Introduce STEM projects: STEM learning is a very hands-on and cross curricular learning approach. STEM learning focuses on real world problems and encourages kids to critically think, innovate and problem solve. The M in STEM stands for Math! Math is an important subject for kids as it provides a foundation for reasoning and critical thinking. Banyan Tree Kidz spends hundreds of hours in research curating the best STEM kits for kids in the learning space. Our Math Kits are a collaborative approach to learning as we believe theory is not the only vital aspect in a young child’s learning development. We want to establish Math as not the least favourite subject for kids. Our math kits for kids are simple, unique and engaging. Our monthly STEM kits include all the materials that will help make math fun for your kids. Learn and play with a Chinese TanGram puzzle, study maps, discover binary coding and much more in our curated math kits for kids.

Making math seem fun to kids may seem like a challenge for most parents, but with the right activities and games, that will keep your child interested, will make learning so much more fun. Numbers do not have to be intimidating if they are presented in a fun and visual way. Introducing kids to math early-on is great for their academic development. Parents must encourage kids to direct their own play but at the same time be involved to provide support and also be a part of their learning experience. 

Make math fun with the help of Banyan Tree Kidz.


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