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How To Engage Your Child At Home During A Pandemic

How To Engage Your Child At Home During A Pandemic

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The days of a “normal life” are way past us now. We’re living in uncertain and unprecedented times that have turned our routined lives upside down. With adults often struggling to cope with this disruption in routine, we can only imagine how our kids are struggling to understand the things that are unfolding out in the world. 


So how do you keep your kids entertained at home? Channeling that restless energy and yearning to play with their peers, is often challenging for us parents. So for all the parents, anxiously trying to find the right solution on Google right now, wondering how to engage kids at home and at the same time create a good learning environment confined to four walls, here are the best ideas to keep your kids engaged and entertained during a pandemic: 


Best Stay At Home Kids Activities


Encourage them to get a new hobby: Nurturing a new hobby can help kids channel all their energy and boredom into something fruitful. Hobbies give kids an outlet to channel all their creativity and give them something to look forward to everyday. It could be painting, dancing, cooking, reading or even building something safe from scratch. Does your kid miss conducting fun experiments in the science lab at school? Bring that experience home with our Science Kits that let your kids engage in critical thinking and engage in fun and immersive DIY projects. There you go, we’ve got one hobby sorted out!


Read together: Pick books that are a visual treat for your kids in order for them to learn and enjoy the book. Take it one step further and ask them to pick their favourite part of the story and turn your living room into a magical world and have them enact their favourite part! 


Engage kids in storytelling: Kids have one of the most creative minds which tell the most interesting stories. Schedule a storytelling time everyday for your kids, which will give them a safe space to express themselves freely. This stay at home kids activity also encourages bonding with your family.


Teach them the art of writing: In the age of technology, even as adults, we’ve lost the art of writing. Now that the pandemic has forced us to stay at home and reduced our socialisation, getting kids to write letters to their friends is an excellent way of bringing back the art of writing. Encourage your kids to write letters to their friends which will serve as a great memory archive for them. Writing letters will help improve your kids’ thought process and also help them practice their handwriting. 


Home scavenger hunt: Let’s be honest, this does sound like a fun activity for us as parents too. A home scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt helps kids use their rational thinking to solve clues and at the same time have fun. To make the game more challenging, fun and time consuming, add a small task after each clue. 


Art projects: DIY art kits are a great way to keep your kids entertained at home. It fosters visual learning skills, innovative thinking and the most important of all, keeps your kid engaged. Our Art Kits fuse the worlds of art and science through our curated creative projects. Our Art Kits encourage critical thinking, problem solving and hands-on learning.


Exercise together: Exercise is a great way to release all that energy and stay fit at the same time. Pick exercises or activities such as skipping rope, jumping activities, etc. are easy to do indoors. Engage kids at home with some family activities that keep everyone at home on their feet.


Play a game of ‘I Spy’: This game is a great way of developing language and vocabulary skills with your kids. Within the four walls of your home, pick objects that you can describe with respect to its shape, size, colour and make your child guess the selected item. 


Put on a play: Let your kids raid your closet and put on a performance. Playing dress-up and putting on a performance can help build a growing child’s communication and social skills. They can perform a familiar fairytale or create their own story. After they put on the play, converse with them about how they thought about the story and characters. 


Engage them in crafts: Craft plays an important role in the development and growth of a young child. This stay at home kids activity sharpens their motor skills and helps in communication. Working together as a family on a craft project can help make the most of this isolated period that we’re all collectively dealing with. Get the best Craft Kits for kids designed by Banyan Tree Kidz for a wholesome family experience that will create long-lasting memories.


Involve them with nature: Start a garden patch in your backyard or even get indoor windowsill plants for your home. With this activity, your kids can measure soil into small pots, count and plant seeds, predict which seeds will sprout first, and make observations. You are not only getting some fresh-air, but also involving your kids in learning through nature.


Create memory boxes: This is a great way to get through this pandemic with positive reinforcements for every activity that your kids partake in. Create individual boxes for your kids, by storing all their artwork, projects, etc. in a box that you can look back at in the months to come. This box can be helpful to monitor your child’s growth and development and also help relive the great memories you created in the course of the months. Click lots of pictures, capture the happy memories, even though times may be tough. 


All these stay at home kids activities will help boost your kids’ morale and at the same time allow you to spend quality time with them. You can also check out our STEAM Kits which are designed by us to raise conscious and curious children. Every Banyan Tree Kidz box is designed to engage your child and get them excited to learn while having fun in a way which feels nothing like school - even though we’re sure they miss school and their friends. Nonetheless, create an innovative learning environment at home with Banyan Tree Kidz. 



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