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How Do You Raise Creative Children?

How Do You Raise Creative Children?

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Young children are filled with a sense of wonder, imagination and hope. They look at things from a new and different lens and have a unique and innocent perspective on things. Creativity is something that we are all capable of, even as adults. Nurturing that creativity and continuing to be inspired is the challenge many of us face in our day to day lives. We all have creative potential and it is essential to nurture it at a young age. Creativity isn’t only solely for artistic expression. Creativity and innovation is important in other fields too such as science, engineering, business, education and so forth. Helping kids tap into their imagination and encouraging them to be creative is an important goal for parents. 

Raising creative children and allowing them the space to grow and learn is essential. It is important to create a great learning environment at home where your kid is the most comfortable. Living a creative life is more than just encouraging occasional arts and crafts projects, it is a lifestyle formed through practice and consistency. 

So how do you raise creative children?

     12 Ways to Raise Creative Children

1. Make mistakes: Children who are afraid of failure are less likely to think creatively. Don’t get too focused on the final result. Instead, when your child makes a mistake, encourage them to speculate and ask them how they would do it differently in order to reach a better outcome. Look at mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

2. Get messy: Children love getting their hands dirty, and if dirty hands means creativity then it is okay to let loose once in a while. Let your kids get hands-on with their learning and get into their creative element. Arts and crafts is a great way to get into creativity. Our DIY kits for kids have kid-friendly learning materials and DIY materials that help them get messy and create and innovate. 

3.Praise your kids for effort: Acknowledging your kids' effort will encourage them to move forward. Encouragement will help your child take on more challenging tasks. Objective praise will help your child gain confidence in whatever they are learning.  

4. Encourage questioning: Children are the experts at questioning and this is an essential step in their learning development. Encourage your child to question and help them preserve this sense of inquiry. 

5. Let your child be the teacher: Reverse the roles here and let the student be the teacher. This helps you provide a great learning environment for your child as you are giving them the space to learn and grow at their own accord. 

6. Plan creative activities: Introduce your kids to fun and creative activities that encourage hands-on play. Young kids love to get messy and play. Learning does not have to be limited to textbooks. Get your kids STEM kits, which gives them an output for their creativity. STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach which combines the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math in order to teach real life lessons. STEM or STEAM education allows kids to critically think, express themselves and innovate - all of which will help them in the real world.

7. Minimize screen time: Spending less time on a screen means more time for play and creativity. Fix a minimal screen time allowance for your kids during the day and try to minimise it as much as possible. Screens can be a distracting affair for kids. Instead of screens, encourage your kids to read, draw, use craft kits and more which will help express themselves. 

8. Focus on play, not productivity: Creativity is not about how much kids do but about how involved they are in the process. Affirm on how hard your kid is working on a particular project instead of pushing them to finish it on time.

9. Encourage unexpected choices: Let your kid colour outside the lines, the sky can be painted purple - whatever the choice, encourage and motivate your kid to explore their creative choices. Let them know you appreciate their choice which will help them feel secure in their choices. 

10. Boredom is good: Boredom can help kids find new ways to be creative. It will give them an opportunity to imagine, invent and create. Let them brainstorm about possible activities that they can partake in when they are bored. 

11. Take a step back: Being involved in your child’s life and stepping back is an important balance. Constant surveillance will make your child feel like they can’t take any risks. The next time you see your child engaging in quiet play, sit back, ​​make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy a moment to yourself!

12. Be a creative role model: Young kids are like sponges and they absorb everything around them. Being a good role model is essential as parents. Children learn from watching us, so be good to yourself, too. Don’t be negative and enjoy your time with your kid. Show your young kids that it is okay to not be perfect and that it is okay to live life without any creative limits. 

Encourage your kids to step out of their comfort zones and take on challenges! Through it all, support them and offer praise when required. A motivated child can do wonders. Allow your home to be a free space for creative expression. Starting at home, where your kid is the most comfortable, will help them gain confidence when they step out, especially in the real world. Raising creative children is all about patience and trusting them to be free with their voice and expression.

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