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<h1>How To Keep Kids Busy While You Work From Home</h1>

How To Keep Kids Busy While You Work From Home

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One of the biggest challenges ever since the pandemic hit us, has been trying to find a work-life balance at home, especially with kids. With adrenaline-charged kids at home, it is possible to run out of things to do with your kids or fun things that will keep them occupied. So how do you keep your naturally curious child occupied? First, find something that interests them and that gets them excited. Then, nurture that interest by giving them activities around it and leaving them to engage in that activity independently. A little bit of planning ahead and organization goes a long way. Every kid is different, so maybe a routine will help them or maybe not. Disruptions are bound to occur and it is okay to get off track sometimes. 

If possible, designate certain rooms for particular activities - for example, have an area for playtime with toys, a quiet room for reading and a desk full of art supplies when your kids are feeling crafty. This is especially helpful if you have more than one child, and they want to do different activities. Pre-planning some activities beforehand will likely help your day go a little more smoothly, too. Choose a handful of activities for the next day and ensure you have all the right supplies. Have realistic goals and expectations for your family and try to enjoy the extra time together. 


                     10 Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

1. Camp out: Set up a blanket tent or fort and fill it with multiple items for a camp day. Let your kids get comfy with pillows and blankets, let them help you cook up some healthy snacks, turn out the lights, and give them flashlights for making some fun shadow animals. Throw in some animal picture books for a bedtime story and it’s a day well spent!

2. Home scavenger hunt: Let’s be honest, this does sound like a fun activity for us as parents too. A home scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt helps kids use their rational thinking to solve clues and at the same time have fun. To make the game more challenging, fun and time consuming, add a small task after each clue.

3. Toilet paper funnels: While toilet paper may be in high demand, you will probably have some empty toilet rolls or paper towel rolls. Tape the rolls to a wall with masking tape and give your kid small items such as cars, small balls, dry pasta, and have them drop the items through the tunnels. It’s a fun way to pass some time and recycle things in your home!

4. Encourage them to read: Reading to young children is proven to improve cognitive skills and help along the process of cognitive development. Reduce screen time for kids by encouraging them to read and learn. Ask your kids what interests them and buy them books that they would look forward to. For young kids, we have a great collection of engaging storybooks that will make your kid want to learn.

5. Set up a toy washing station: Fill up a plastic tub with soapy water and another with clean rinse water. Hand your child a sponge, a washcloth, an old toothbrush, a few small cups, and a small almost-empty bottle of dish soap to get all their plastic toys squeaky-clean. It’s a fun way to keep them occupied and also get the work done!

6. Build an animal habitat: Have your kid research their favourite stuffed animal's "home" in the wild as inspiration for creating a mini animal habitat. This is a great activity to get your kid’s creative juices flowing as they can do this activity out of household items like LEGO bricks, blocks, and scraps of fabric.

7. Arts & crafts: Art & crafts kits are a great way to keep your kids entertained at home. It fosters visual learning skills, innovative thinking and the most important of all, keeps your kid engaged. Our Art Kits & Craft Kits fuse the worlds of art and science through our curated creative projects. It encourages critical thinking, problem solving and hands-on learning.

8. STEM kits: Subscription based STEM kits are an exciting surprise for your young kids. Kids are innately curious and STEM activities helps that curiosity come into play. STEM kits for kids are not only a great learning experience for kids, but it also makes learning fun and engaging. You can pick from a range of arts and craft, science kits, math kits and even engineering kits for your kids. These monthly hands-on activities are perfect for young curious kids, and it also keeps them busy with independent play.

9. Play office: Kids love to mirror adults and pretend that they have important work to do. If you're working from home, set up an office for your child next to your desk with all the fixings: pencils, paper, calculator, play laptop. Use a small desk or table, or just set them up at a corner of your work station. Set out scrap paper, junk mail, envelopes, pencils, notepads, sticky notes and any other office supplies you have around. Let them play with old calculators or keyboards. Ask them to do their work, whether it's actual homework or filing pretend invoices, while you do yours.

10. Write letters: Get your kids to practice their writing skills in a practical yet fun way, by writing letters or making cards for friends and loved ones. Write to grandparents or long-distance relatives, or just surprise a neighbour with a handmade card.


If you are struggling to keep your kids busy, these activities will surely help you get through this pandemic. The line between your personal and professional life may have become blurred, but you can still make things work with communication and making the most out of every situation and looking at it as an opportunity. And at the end of it all, give yourself a pat on your back for getting through the day!

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