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<h1>Creative Gifts for Kids To Promote Fun and Learning This Christmas</h1>

Creative Gifts for Kids To Promote Fun and Learning This Christmas

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Christmas shopping may be one of the most stressful affairs for parents. Getting young kids gifts that they will appreciate and also learn something from is a gap that needs to be filled. We love the feeling of knowing that we’ve beat those holiday lines at retail. If you are looking for creative gifts for kids this Christmas, that are not only fun but will also help your kid engage in playful learning, we’ve curated a great list for you.

Here are some of our favourite creative gifts for kids that promote fun and learning:

1. Melissa & Doug Food Groups Toy - This wooden play toy is a fun and educational learning set that features items from the 5 food groups for healthy pretend play; it includes watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and more. This play food for kids set helps children plan a well balanced meal and also helps introduce the basics of nutrition. It also can be used to teach early number skills, color recognition, sorting, and grouping. 

2. Rock & Roll Musical STEM Box - This fun Rock & Roll STEM box is a perfect gift for the young aspiring musicians. This STEM box includes a rhythmic bedtime storybook ‘Nighttime symphony’ by award-winning musician Timbaland and brilliantly illustrated by Christopher Myers. This box includes 3 STEAM learning kits. Little musicians can construct their own guitar, make a tambourine and design their very own rain stick. Enjoy screen-free learning time with this STEM kit.

3. Rainbow Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk - Gift your kid a whimsical writing instrument and let them go crazy with art on the streets. Let them take their creative pals to the streets to create magical drawings with it. This trio includes two rainbow horns and one wrapped in gold which writes in white. This is a great holiday gift for young artistic kids who love to draw and create.

4. Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia - This 424-page encyclopedia is the perfect gift for any curious kid. This book of amazing facts will provide hundreds of hours of fun learning for curious children and their families. Filled with beautiful illustrations and gorgeous photography, this encyclopedia will allow young kids to explore science, history, and more all from the comfort of home.

5. Jr. Astronaut Backpack - For the kids interested in outer space, this Astronaut Backpack is a fun gift for a wholesome experience. It’s a spacious bag for your kids to fit in all their space gear.

6. DIY Terrarium Kit - Explore the wonder of nature and science with this Grow 'N Glow Terrarium Kit! This indoor activity for kids allows them to craft, plant, water and grow your own mini ecosystem. A perfect gift for hands-on learning.

7. Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar - With this three-chord Loog Mini acoustic guitar, you can start teaching your little kid all your favourite songs. This guitar set comes with flashcards of chord diagrams and full access to the Loog Guitar app. This is an ideal first guitar for your little one as its design is approved by educators.

8. Biology in a Box - Cell Exploration - Young aspiring biologists and future doctors can study the structure of the cell and vital organs through this learning kit. Sew and build your own ‘cell’ pillow with this kit. This box also includes a great children’s story book which teaches kids everything about human cells. This STEAM kit is a great way to explore science with your young kids.

9. Space Edition: StarStruck Box - Do your kids fantasize about space? If yes, this Space Edition STEAM kit lets them learn more about space not only through books but also through our STEAM learning kits. With this STEAM kit, your kid can build a comet launcher, construct a telescope and design a magical wand reading pointer to read your storybook included in this box.

10. High-flying Airplane STEAM Box - Crafted for all the young aspiring engineers, this box comes with a paper plane experiment and supplies to make a model airplane. Learn about the basics of aerodynamics with this STEAM learning kit, find out what makes a plane fly and even design a mini-passport. This box includes an inspiring book about a young girl who wanted to be a pilot, and turned her dreams into reality by becoming the first female pilot! Teach your kids about turning dreams into reality.

11. Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector - Explore the stars from the comfort of your own home with this smart projector. It comes with a rotating night sky mode, stationary slides for looking at planets, constellations, and more. If a trip to the planetarium isn't doable, this clever tool is the next-best thing.

12. Create Your Own Comic Book Kit - If you have a young child that is artistic and loves to draw, this comic book kit is the perfect gift for them. It comes with pre-formatted blank pages for you to create your story, along with a booklet of instructions, inspiration and helpful tips.

Pick any of these creative gifts for your kid this Christmas and watch them learn and grow. Kids are avid learners and their curious nature will help them engage in more hands-on learning at a young age. Banyan Tree Kidz offers some of the most engaging gifts such as DIY science kits, arts & crafts kits, fun engineering kits for kids and more. Make learning fun again with the help of Banyan Tree Kidz and at the same time, make your Christmas shopping that much easier!

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