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<h1>Best Winter Story Books with Moral Lessons</h1>

Best Winter Story Books with Moral Lessons

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As parents we know that the gift of learning compares to no other. Teaching your kids about morals and values through everyday situations may seem like a tough task, because no matter how creative you get, you will run out of stories. So how about teaching them about morals through exciting storybooks? Reading is a great hobby for kids and is a bonus when they learn something through it! Books open a whole new world of imagination for kids and keep their curious minds occupied. 

Here are some of our favourite story books with moral lessons, that will teach your kids life-changing lessons

1. What Pet Should I Get? by Dr. Suess: What Pet Should I Get? is a buried treasure because the exciting pictures keep the kids engaged while they learn about domestic pets or animals. The story revolves around a brother and sister who visit a pet shop but cannot decide as to which pet to get. The book teaches the kid that sometimes in life, it is difficult to make choices even for kids but ultimately, you have to make those decisions yourself. 

2. Elmer by David McKee: Elmer is a colourful patchwork elephant who is made fun of by his herd of greys for looking different. However, after several attempts of trying to blend in with the crowd, Elmer eventually learns that it’s his individuality that makes him special, and even inspires the other elephants to embrace their uniqueness too. The lesson this book teaches young kids is to embrace what makes you different, and never be afraid to be yourself.

3. The Empty Pot by Demi: This story revolves around a Chinese emperor who holds a contest to see who will be his successor. Whoever grows the most beautiful flower will be the winner. Although Ping works diligently on his flower, it just doesn’t grow. He presents the empty pot to the emperor and is rewarded for his honesty. The moral of the story is that being honest, even when it may disappoint someone, is always the best policy.

4. Corduroy by Don Freeman: First published in 1968, this story book remains a favourite with parents and teachers alike. Cute little teddy bear Corduroy is sitting on a store shelf waiting for a child to love him. Unfortunately, he is missing a button. The story follows his search for that button that will fix his overalls. What he doesn’t realize until the end is that the little girl who buys him, loves him just the way he is. It doesn’t matter to her that he has a flaw and that a piece of him is missing. This story teaches your child about acceptance and that no one is perfect and we all have our flaws. 

5. The Honest-To-Goodness Truth by Patricia C. McKissack: This story book deals with the nuanced balance of telling the truth without hurting others’ feelings. After being caught in a lie, Libby vows to only tell the truth from now on, but soon she’s upsetting everyone in town with her honest ways. She can’t figure out what the problem is until a conversation with her mom helps her understand that there may be a right and a wrong way to tell the truth.

6. A Chair For My Mother by Vera B. Williams
: This story the spirit of a poor, yet loving family that suffers a tragedy. After a fire destroyed their home, Rosa, her mother, and grandmother are forced to rebuild their lives in a new apartment with hand-me-downs from their neighbors, family, and friends. The three women save their coins in a big jar until they have enough to buy the comfortable chair that Rosa’s mother deserves. This heart-warming story spotlights the love in a matriarchal family, the importance of hard work to achieve a goal, and how the generosity of others can lift us up.

7. What If Everybody Did That? By Ellen Javernick: This story asks kids to imagine what would happen if everyone broke the rules all the time. A little boy’s seemingly small negative actions build up throughout the story as he is asked each time “What if everybody did that?” The moral of the story is that all of our actions, no matter how small, affect the world around us. 

8. The Huge Bag Of Worries by Virginia Ironside: Jenny, a little girl one day finds a big blue bag at the end of her bed, filled with worries, that follows her wherever she goes. Jenny doesn’t feel like she can tell anyone about the bag, so she keeps it to herself. Meanwhile, the bag of worries simply gets bigger and bigger. Eventually a kind lady comes along, empties out the bag of worries and encourages Jenny to talk about them, one by one. Now that the worries are out in the open, they don’t look so bad anymore. This teaches kids that a problem shared is a problem halved! Find someone who will listen and talk about it. This story is perfect for young primary school age children, who may be starting to develop their own bag of worries.

9. Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine: Boys and girls are equal and should be treated the same way, and this story book for kids teaches kids about just that. Children will love this entertaining story of Bill, who wakes up one morning to discover he has transformed into a girl and nobody else seems to notice. His mum dresses him in a pink dress and sends him off to school. What follows is a series of encounters that only seem to get Bill into more and more trouble. He learns firsthand that lots of things are different as a girl and finds himself not being able to do all the things he enjoys, including football! This humorous story is an opportunity to raise questions with children about gender roles in society and how boys and girls may be sometimes treated differently.

10. Animal Farm by George Orwell: This book is for older readers, which follows a group of farm animals that overthrow their farmer, chase him away and take over the farm for themselves. For a little while the animals enjoy their newfound freedom, but over time, a new hierarchy takes shape placing the pigs, Napoleon and Snowball above the rest of the animals. Animal Farm is a true literary classic that cleverly reflects on the events of the early Soviet Union years, as well as drawing attention to the unfair structures that may exist in societies today. This book provides great lessons in both history and sociology. 


Books give young kids insight on life and teach them morals in a way they will understand easily. These story books are a great read for kids and will help them grow and become good human beings. Teach your kids about morals with a story or two.

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