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<h1>Best Last-Minute Unique Holiday Gift Ideas in 2021 for Kids</h1>

Best Last-Minute Unique Holiday Gift Ideas in 2021 for Kids

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Tackle holiday shopping with these fun and easy gift ideas for kids! Kids can be a tough category for gifting, since you always have to look for the most exciting and engaging gift in store that they’ll love and appreciate. A great gift involves fun, learning and memories. Surprising your kid with a gift that you can all engage in as a family is a great way to create some fun memories too. We’ve curated a list of unique holiday gifts that we promise your kid will love in 2021:

1. Fun subscription kits - A monthly surprise of fun and learning is a great gift for kids. Gifts will anticipate this subscription box that can be a DIY craft box or a DIY science box for the ones who love science and adventure. Banyan Tree Kidz has a great range of STEM kits for kids that are not only a great learning experience for kids, but it also makes learning fun and engaging. You can pick from a range of arts and craft, science kits, math kits and even engineering kits for your kids. These monthly hands-on activities are perfect for young curious kids. 


2. Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia - This 424-page encyclopedia is the perfect gift for any curious kid. This book of amazing facts will provide hundreds of hours of fun learning for curious children and their families. Filled with beautiful illustrations and gorgeous photography, this encyclopedia will allow young kids to explore science, history, and more all from the comfort of home. 


3. Tickets to an event - Giving your kid something to look forward to, may be the greatest gift of all. Whether it's tickets to a concert, a play, or a dance performance, giving tickets to an event gives kids something to look forward to. Make it a date and dress up and get them all excited for it. It’s a win-win situation for both kids and parents!


4. Gardenuity My First Garden - Filled with everything little ones need to develop little green thumbs, this fun gardening kit lets kids nurture vegetables and herbs, even if they don't have a yard to work in. The growbag lets them work on a patio or balcony (or a larger space), and the fully rooted starter plants sets them up for success.


5. Music lessons - Music lessons are a great gift for kids. There are numerous music instruments that they could pick from, so enroll them for classes which they find interesting and are curious about. Music lessons can be pricey, so giving one or a series of lessons can be a real gift which kids will appreciate. 


6. Slumberkins Snuggler Bundles - Slumberkins promotes emotional learning by pairing snuggly toys with a book on a big topic, like authenticity or self-esteem. It’s a great way to encourage kids into reading and at the same time, feeling good about themselves.


7. Rainbow Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk - Gift your kid a whimsical writing instrument and let them go crazy with art on the streets. Let them take their creative pals to the streets to create magical drawings with it. This trio includes two rainbow horns and one wrapped in gold which writes in white. This is a great holiday gift for young artistic kids who love to draw and create.


8. Melissa & Doug Food Groups Toy - This wooden play toy is a fun and educational learning set that features items from the 5 food groups for healthy pretend play; it includes watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and more. This play food for kids set helps children plan a well balanced meal and also helps introduce the basics of nutrition. It also can be used to teach early number skills, color recognition, sorting, and grouping.


9. Plan a camping trip - Plan an outdoor campaign trip with your kids amidst nature or the mountains, or even better, surprise your kids with a camping trip in the backyard or even by setting up a cosy tent in your living room. You can even host a game night for this fun trip. Make some hot chocolate and read a book with your kid and we promise, it will definitely help create some good memories. 


10. Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar - With this three-chord Loog Mini acoustic guitar, you can start teaching your little kid all your favourite songs. This guitar set comes with flashcards of chord diagrams and full access to the Loog Guitar app. This is an ideal first guitar for your little one as its design is approved by educators. 

Any of these gifting ideas and toys will surely surprise your kid. Always remember to give young kids something that will keep their active mind occupied as young kids are some of the most curious beings and are avid learners. Make learning fun again with Banyan Tree Kidz. We have some of the most engaging and fun learning kits for your young kids. From art kits to engineering kits, we have curated kits after spending countless hours developing each kit to make it simple and engaging for kids to learn, explore and create. STEM education integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics and is an interdisciplinary approach to learning which is combined with real-life lessons. Introducing subjects like science, engineering and arts & crafts in early years better wires children’s brains for better problem solving, building a positive attitude towards the subjects, which leads to cognitive development and a growing mindset. 

Whatever the occasion, subscribing to a STEM or a STEAM kit from Banyan Tree Kidz is always a good idea. You can pick any of our subscription plans and surprise your kid with a monthly kit that has a fun new theme every month! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So this holiday season, surprise your kids with learning and fun that they’ll always remember and create memories with. Memories created with your family during the festive holidays are a great gift in itself too. 

Happy Holiday Season and Happy Shopping from Banyan Tree Kidz!

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