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<h1>10 Christmas Traditions to Adopt With Your Family in 2021</h1>

10 Christmas Traditions to Adopt With Your Family in 2021

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It’s the wonderful time of the year to celebrate both new and old traditions with the family. Keeping traditions alive is something that our parents have taught us to and is only tradition to pass it down to our kids. Looking back on all the Christmases spent, it’s the joy of doing the same thing every year with your family which creates an almost comfortable space and strikes the nostalgic chord. It shows us how we’ve grown in the past year, every year and how we can strive to be better as a family. 

The holiday season is all about making memories. It’s the things we do together as a family, the laughter and joyous moments, that our kids will always remember - gifts come and go. Establishing a tradition that's unique to your family is something everyone will cherish in the years ahead. It gives us a chance to think about what really matters to your family, and then to make it happen. 

Your family probably already has a few fun family traditions that you share every year. With the old memories, it’s always a good time to bring in some fun new traditions with your family. The new traditions could be traditions from your childhood that you want your kids to experience. From thoughtful activities like sledding, crafting or even making homemade gifts, simple traditions are fun and make the best memories. 

So here are some of our favourite Christmas traditions that you can start with your kids this holiday season:

1. A Christmas Countdown Routine: Make your own DIY advent calendar with your kids this Christmas. You can fill your advent calendar with any exciting gifts such as tiny toys, sweets or even encouraging notes. Fill 24 bags, boxes or drawers with love notes, candy, small toys or ideas for good deeds that your kids can do that day to spread good cheer. Another fun way to create an advent calendar is to keep special ornaments aside in a box and add a new one to the tree each morning.

2. Make the Tree Special: Ask your kids to pick an ornament for the tree that means something to them, it could be a small pendant or a gift that their friend has given them. Christmas is a great time for fun DIY activities, so ask your kids to make DIY ornaments, which will also help you spend time and bond with your kids.

3. Make Hot Chocolate With Your Kids: There's nothing like a mug of homemade hot chocolate on a chilly winter day with your family. Get your kids in the kitchen for a fun hot chocolate session, filled with chocolate and loads of marshmallows.

4. Make a DIY Photo Booth: Making your own photo booth is a great way to create memories to share. All you need is your phone camera or an iPad on a tripod, a background to tape on the wall (a wildly-patterned blanket or finger-painted paper both work), bright light bulbs to flatter all your angles, and a little floor space for posing. Throw in some inexpensive funny hats, Santa caps and Christmas themed costumes to tap into your family's silly side, and you've officially got a party going on.

5. Participate in an Annual Toy Drive: Christmas season is all about bringing joy. Check with your local library, community organizations, or see if your kid's school is hosting a toy drive to find out how you can get involved and spread joy in some other kids’ lives. If you do not have a toy drive in your locality, you can start one in your neighbourhood, making your house the collection point. This would be a great way to teach your kid about the values of giving and sharing.

6. Write Letters to Santa: The USPS will send your child a letter with the "official" North Pole Postmark on it if you follow these steps. It's an added bonus to sending their letter directly to Santa! This Christmas tradition will surely bring a smile on your kid’s face once they read a letter from Santa!

7. Recreate An Old Family Recipe: You've probably got a few tried-and-true family recipes up your sleeve during the holidays. Whether it's something sweet or savoury, make memories this Christmas by gathering your kids and making delicious creations together. It's a great way to keep your family recipes alive.

8. Do Holiday Crafts as a Family: Whether you make DIY gifts, make your own holiday cards, decorate stockings, or create an entire Christmas village with gingerbread, hosting a family craft session is one of the most fun ways to get into the holiday spirit. Turn on some classic Christmas music, warm up a mug of hot chocolate, and get to work. To spread a little holiday cheer, hand deliver your handiwork to elderly neighbours who could use a little company this Christmas.

9. Host a Movie Marathon: The holiday season calls for some great holiday classics - be it Die Hard for the adults or classics like The Nutcracker that can be enjoyed by all. Have every person in the family pick their favourite movie, then either take a weekend to binge them all, or watch one a week leading up to Christmas.

10. Host a Cookie Swap: Christmas cookies are a holiday staple, but there's only so much baking one person (parent) can do. Expand your horizons and possibilities of trying every kind of cookie, by hosting a neighbourhood cookie swap! Each person bakes a few dozen cookies, and then everyone gets together for an evening of festive merriment to split the sweet goodness.

Create joyous memories with your kids with the help of these Christmas traditions. Most of them don't cost a cent, such as DIY crafts or watching a classic Christmas movie. Old or new, traditions are a great way to spend some quality time with your family during the holiday season. All these ideas are packed with good cheer and these are the little things you do that your family will look forward to all year long. All of these Christmas traditions will make your celebrations even more merry and that is our gift to you!

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