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Best Summer Science Experiments For Kids At Home

Best Summer Science Experiments For Kids At Home

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Summertime is all fun and play for kids! But what if we told you, your kids can have fun and play and learn at the same time? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Get outdoors this summer and try some fun science experiments with your kids. Science may seem like an intimidating subject for kids, but as parents, we can go beyond the four walls of the classroom and make learning a fun time for kids. Science is all around us, and taking science outside during the summers is a great idea.

Keep your kids occupied this summer with science. Incorporate as much of learning as possible in your kids’ schedules, but at the same time, try to keep it as fun and hands-on as possible. Hands-on learning is a great learning approach and gets young kids to critically think and innovate. 

Here are some of the best summer science experiments for kids at home:

1. LEGO Boats: Teach your kids about engineering and design with those LEGO bricks lying around your house. Challenge your kids to build their own boat out of LEGO bricks with a certain number of pieces. Once they have finished building their boat, put the boats to the test in a tub of water. Talk to your kids about how weight and design are crucial in engineering

2. Tornado in a Jar: For this fun summer science experiment, you will need a mason jar, water, dish soap, some vinegar and some type of glitter or fine objects. Fill the mason jar with water and make sure to leave an inch of space. Then pour in the dish soap and vinegar and close the lid. Holding one hand on top and one below, swirl the jar for about 5 seconds and then set it down on the table to watch the tornado do its thing. When you spin the water in the jar, it creates a vortex in the center. Fun and really simple, isn’t it?

3. Sundial: For this summer science experiment at home, you will need a stick, a paper plate and a marker. This low-prep science experiment will teach your kids about the Earth’s rotation. Mark the position of the stick’s shadow every hour which shows your kids about the Earth’s rotation. Check your sundial the next day and you’ll see that it will show accurate time

4. Water Walking: Get six glasses of water for this science experiment - three with clear water and the remaining three with different food colouring. Arrange the containers in a circle, alternating the coloured and clear containers. Get folded paper towels and make bridges between the containers. Your kids will be amazed to see the coloured water “walking” over the bridges into the clear containers which leads to mixing of the colours. This experiment will get them a look at the magic of capillarity. 

5. Bubbles: Bubbles are an all round favourite, so why not make it into a fun science experiment? For this summer science experiment you will need pipe cleaners, bubble solution and a shallow pan. Use your pipe cleaners to form different shapes from bubbles. You can either make your shapes 2D or 3D. Ask your kids if they think the bubbles will all come out the same shape or if they think they will come out different shapes. Then invite them to experiment with the homemade bubble wands and let them explore the bubbles. The kids will quickly come to realize that there is only one shape of a bubble.

6. Dancing Raisins: Clear soda, a glass of water, and a handful of raisins will leave your kids in awe! Place the raisins in each glass and watch how the raisins dance in the glass with clear soda. This is because the gas bubbles from the soda carry the raisins upwards. A simple summer science experiment at home that will teach your kid about buoyancy. 

7. Leak Proof Bag: This summer science experiment will teach your kid the magic in chemistry! The requirements are simple - sharpened pencils, a ziploc plastic bag and water. Fill the plastic bag with water and take your freshly sharpened pencils and poke through the bag! Don’t hesitate or you may find it will leak a bit. This leakproof pencil bag science experiment may look a lot like magic, but it’s also cool chemistry! 

8. What Melts in the Sun: Grab a muffin tray and fill it with an assortment of objects such as a lego, ice, cheese, butter, crayons and any item lying around in your house. Play your tray in the sun and set a timer for ten minutes. After ten minutes, see which items have melted and which haven’t. A good practice before doing this experiment out in the sun is to make your kid guess which items will melt and which won’t and then see if they have guessed it accurately!

STEM activities are a great way to spend summer at home with your kids. Encourage your kids with more hands-on learning which will push them to their full potential. Young kids have fresh minds which when nurtured, can help them critically think and innovate. Summer is a great time to explore science outdoors with children.

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