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Best Monthly Science Kits for Kids

Best Monthly Science Kits for Kids

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STEAM education is a great way to stimulate your kids’ inquisitive and curious minds. Young kids tend to soak up everything at a better pace with their young brains and it is therefore essential to introduce your kids to hands-on learning at a tender age. Learning outside the classroom needs to be an exciting affair for kids as learning should entail more than just theory. For a subject like science, which can be rather intimidating for young kids, it is essential that this subject is presented and dealt with in a more fun, hands-on and challenging way. 

Science is the ‘S’ in STEAM education and is what ties all the disciplines of STEAM together. Science is present in almost every part of our day to day lives and is a crucial subject for young minds to critically think and innovate. Banyan Tree Kidz has researched and curated an educational collection of monthly science kits that will inspire your child to become creative problem solvers. Our monthly subscription science kits will educate your kids without them even realizing it. With the world rapidly changing, technology is taking over almost every aspect of our lives, and most importantly, our jobs. Therefore, it is crucial that kids are taught to critically think and innovate from a young age. STEAM education empowers kids to go beyond the textbook and adapt to this dynamic world. 


       Science Kits for Kids That Will Make Them Fall in Love with Science

Our monthly science kits for kids helps them build a strong basic foundation in science. We want to make science a fun subject for kids and our science kits allows them to explore science with a more hands-on approach through fun and immersive DIY projects. Here are our best selling monthly science kits that we’re sure your kids are going to love: 


1. Space Edition: StarStruck Box - If your kid is obsessed with space, get them this Space Edition STEM kit which has different kid-friendly supplies for your kid to build a comet launcher, construct a telescope and even design a magical wand reading pointer to read your storybook included in this box. ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ is a wonderfully illustrated children’s story book which teaches kids about space and astronomy. 

2. Biology in a Box - Cell Exploration - Learn fascinating facts about human cells with your kids through the children’s story book ‘Cells: An Owner’s Handbook.’ Young aspiring biologists and future doctors can study the structure of the cell and vital organs through this monthly science kit. Sew and build your own ‘cell’ pillow with this kit. Biology in schools is usually a text heavy subject. We, at Banyan Tree Kidz, go beyond theory learning and help young kids look at science through a fun lens.

3. Space Edition: Moon Phase Box - Discover the book, ‘Moon: A Peek-Through Picture book written by Britta Teckentrup included in this science kit for kids. Kids can make a Lunar calendar with different phases of the moon and also make a beautiful Moon Mobile which is a fun way of introducing kids to engineering. Help your kids build a foundation in engineering with the help of this monthly science kit. 

4. High-flying Airplane STEAM Box - Read about the first female pilot in the children’s story book included in this STEAM box. Crafted for all the young aspiring engineers, this box comes with a paper plane experiment and supplies to make a model airplane. Learn about the basics of aerodynamics with this science kit, find out what makes a plane fly and even design a mini-passport. Who said engineering can’t be fun? 

5. Exploring Nature Box - Explore nature within the four walls of your home with this STEM kit for kids. Read about the diversity of trees in the lyrical book 'Trees' by Verlie Hutchens. This box has 2 STEM learning kits and different activities such as designing a camping bag, making a sun-print wall hanging and more.

6. Bird STEM Box - With 3 STEM learning activities included in this monthly science kit, aspiring young engineers can construct a safe home for birds, or craft a ‘bird mask’ and lastly build birds with play-doh for your DIY bird nest. The story book in this science kit will transport young readers to exotic habitats where they can hear the sounds of 60 different birds in their biomes. 

7. Buzzing Bumble Bee Box - For the buzzing kids, this science kit will surely make your kid keen to learn. ‘Bee – A Peek Through Picture Book’ by renowned children’s book author Britta Teckentrup, teaches children about all the big ways little insects impact our ecosystem and contribute to the environment. The 2 STEM learning kits in this box allows your kids to construct a bee habitat for your garden and also make cute candles with the help of 100% natural beeswax.

8. The Birthday Box - Special Edition - This DIY kit for kids is perfect for young aspiring bakers! You can find supplies to create a faux cake with confetti and learn about the science behind slime. A cake recipe, 2 STEAM learning kits, fascinating keepsakes are one of the many things included in this goody box. 

9. Pets Box - If your kids love pets, this STEM kit is an ideal choice for them. This artsy and crafty DIY kit allows your kids to build and design a wonderful aquarium that also serves as a mini bank. You can also find art supplies to make crafty chameleons while playing an exciting game. Learn about the behaviour of pets with the wonderfully illustrated book '50 Wacky Things Pets Do.'

10. Art STEM Box - Let this art box for kids be the inspiration young artists are looking for. This box has 3 STEAM learning kits that help kids explore different art forms. Young kids can build abstract sculptures with the supplies included in this kit. 

Getting your kids hands-on with STEAM education at an early age will help them realize that they have the skills and knowledge to conceptualize solutions. Consistently learning and building projects with DIY activities, helps build your kid’s confidence, pushing them to venture outside their comfort zones and motivating them to do better. 

Introducing science to your kids could not get any easier and fun. Our science kits help kids learn through trial and error. Encourage your kids to observe and learn through their surroundings, make observations and watch them slowly grow their interest in science. Experience your kids reconnect with their love for learning with our STEAM science kits.

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