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Best Children’s Books About Powerful Women in STEM

Best Children’s Books About Powerful Women in STEM

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It’s the need of the hour to celebrate women in the STEM field. Women are usually overlooked for the bold and courageous scientists that they are. Young girls don’t have as many role models in the STEM field but by introducing them to the women that are in the field, will help inspire them. In fictional stories, they can see faces that match their own: kids who are turning their ingenious minds to investigating questions and solving problems using the scientific method. And, through non-fiction, they can learn about curious children just like them who grew up to make amazing scientific discoveries. 

These fun children’s books about women in STEM will help you explore their contributions with your young ones:

1. Ada Lovelace: My First Ada Lovelace

This international bestselling children’s book, introduces the youngest dreamers to the world's first computer programmer. It takes us through the journey of young Ada Lovelace and how she became the world’s first computer programmer. This empowering series offers inspiring messages to children of all ages, in a range of formats. The board books are told in simple sentences, perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers. 

2. Me..Jane

In this charming story of Jane Goodall's childhood, readers learn how she first developed her interest in the natural world, as well as her patience when observing animals in their own environment, which she practiced on her family's chickens! This inspirational picture book biography includes a picture of Goodall with the chimps at Gombe to show how she realized her dreams, as well as back matter about Goodall's environmental work. 

3. Hedy Lamarr's Double Life: Hollywood Legend and Brilliant Inventor

Hedy Lamarr was famously known as a glamorous movie star, but in private, she was something more: a brilliant inventor. This wonderfully illustrated children’s book tells the inspiring story of how, during World War Two, Lamarr developed a groundbreaking communications system that still remains essential to the security of today's technology.

4. Mae Among the Stars

Mae Among the Stars is the perfect book for young readers who have big dreams and even bigger hearts. Little Mae’s curiosity, intelligence, and determination, matched with her parents' encouraging words, paved the way for her incredible success at NASA as the first African American woman to travel in space. This book will inspire other young girls to reach for the stars, to aspire for the impossible and never give up on their dreams.

5. Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian

This is the story of one young girl who took the time to observe and learn, and in so doing disproved a theory that went all the way back to ancient Greece. As a young woman naturalist and artist, Maria Merian watched and illustrated as caterpillars spun their cocoons, rested within, and emerged as "summer birds,'' which we today know as moths and butterflies. Her remarkable illustrations proved an astounding natural process: metamorphosis. This joyful and vibrant picture book biography aptly captures the passion Merian had for the beauties and wonders of the natural world. 

6. Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

This children’s book tells us about the story of Grace Hopper who revolutionised computer coding, coined the term 'computer bug' and taught computers to 'speak English. An ace inventor and groundbreaker, Grace Hopper transformed the world of computer science. 

7. The Doctor with an Eye for Eyes: the Story of Dr. Patricia Bath

As a girl coming of age during the Civil Rights Movement, Patricia Bath made it her mission to become a doctor. With rhyming text and vivid pictures, The Doctor With An Eye For Eyes tells the inspiring story of the scientist who found a game-changing treatment for blindness.

8. Shark Lady

This inspiring true story is about Eugenie Clark, who fell in love with sharks from the first moment she saw them at the aquarium. Determined to prove people wrong about sharks being ugly and scary, Eugenie devoted her life to learning about sharks. After earning several college degrees and making countless discoveries, Eugenie wrote herself into the history of science, earning the nickname "Shark Lady." Through her accomplishments, she taught the world that sharks were to be admired rather than feared and that women can do anything they set their minds to.

9. I Am Marie Curie 

Being a woman scientist in the 19th century meant Marie Curie faced plenty of obstacles, but she never let them dull her love of science and passion for learning. This inspiring book is a great read for young girls to never let anyone tell them otherwise. Learn more about Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, a physicist and a chemist.

10. When Sue Found Sue: Sue Hendrickson Discovers Her T. Rex

As a young curious adult, Sue Hendrickson joined diving teams exploring tropical fish and sunken boats, which led her to Dominican amber mines where she developed a passion for finding fossils. Soon she was working in the American West seeking dinosaur fossils. Led by a gut feeling, she discovered the world’s largest, most complete, best-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil to date. Learn more about this amazing paleontologist and inspire your young kids to take a closer look at the world around them and to never lose their brave, adventurous spirits.  

Introduce your young ones to these brilliant role models who will remind them that they should never give up on their dreams. Young minds and curiosity will help your kids live an exciting life of discovery! 

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