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Best STEM boxes for Kids

Best STEM boxes for Kids

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Top 10 STEM boxes for Kids

Who doesn’t like a package in the mail? Do your kids enjoy receiving packages which are directly addressed to them? Have you run out of ways to entertain your children during this global pandemic, which doesn’t seem to end?

 A books subscription or STEM based activity boxes, which conveniently arrives at your doorstep every month is just the answer you are looking for.

If you are on one those crafty Pinterest boards and feeling guilty for not being great at creating crafty STEM activities for your children like those expert homeschool parents, then you are not alone. You may know by now that planning regular STEM activities or even curating simple kid’s activities which are educational and entertaining is not only difficult, expensive, but also very time consuming.

 Every child learns at a different pace and reaches varies milestones when they are ready. Teachers and educators have the training, qualification and the knowledge to design their school curriculum. With the new wave of homeschool parents and homeschool kids due to our post-COVID world, creating educational material at home to supplement their in-school activities can be intimidating.

 STEM subscription boxes are a great solution. They are not only convenient but the activities are both educational and designed to keep the kiddos engaged for hours.

 There are a variety of really incredible STEM subscription boxes out there, which come with one or two STEM learning kits, and instructional manuals that can be easily followed by both kids and parents.

 While there are many books subscription boxes and STEM activity based subscription boxes, we wanted to create a single box, which combines the two for the cost of one. The goal is to assist parents in raising curious and intelligent children who become future scientists, innovators, thinkers and makers. Most importantly, it is cost-efficient, convenient and curated to introduce learning in a way which feels nothing like traditional school.

 Instead of subscribing to two different subscriptions (book and STEM), we have combined them both in one single box. We have combined literacy and STEM education for the overall cognitive growth of a child. The STEM activities are inspired by children's storybooks.

Each Banyan Tree Kidz box contains hardcover children’s book and 2 – 3 STEAM learning kits inspired by the storybook. This is a unique approach where kid’s actually engage with the book and then dive-into the activities right after. They can make correlations to the characters of the books and retain more information while working on the hands-on projects inspired by the storybook. It is like brining the storybooks to life.

All the books which are chosen every month have a moral lesson and these gems make a great addition to your child’s at-home library.

Here are Banyan Tree Kidz’ customer favourite 10 Storybook science STEM based boxes.


1. Top Secret Detective box 

The first box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids. Young forensic scientists dive into the world of unsolved mysteries and learn all about the techniques used by detectives to solve crimes. Gather fingerprints, write secret codes with invisible ink and find out how chromatography is used by scientists to gather evidences in this action packed detective box

Best STEM boxes for Kids.

2. Women in History: Malala Yousafzai

The second box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the Women in History: Malala Yousafzai box. This box is perfect for inspiring young girls. This box comes with a hard-cover children's book titled 'Free As a Bird - The Story Of Malala'. Kids learn binary coding and have fun with some paint-play while designing their own tote bag.

STEM boxes for Kids.

3. Buzzing Bumble Bee Box

The third box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the Buzzing Bumble Bee Box box. Explore a vibrantly illustrated and lively book titled ‘Bee – A Peek Through Picture Book’ by renowned children’s book author Britta Teckentrup in this box. Children will learn all the big ways this little insect impacts our ecosystem and contributes in creating beautiful meadows and a wonderful environment. Then the fun begins as kids make candles from 100% natural beeswax and also build a 'Bee Hotel' for their garden in our 'build a bee habitat' STEM kit

4. Geology Box

The fourth box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the Geology box. The geology box makes a perfect gift for little gem lovers. This box contains a witty and pun-filled book titled ‘A Chip Off the Old Block’ written by Jody Jensen Shaffer and wonderfully illustrated by Daniel Miyares. Little geologists are sure to overflow with excitement and wonder when they make their own Erupting Volcano and even paint it. Gem lovers also get an opportunity to excavate charming gems such as onyx, amethyst, geode, and many more in the 'Gem Excavation Kit'. This box is a real treat for little ones that are interested in rocks, volcanos, gems, minerals, and the hidden secrets of the earth.

World Crate – Chinese New Year

The fifth box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the World crate - Chinese new year box. This box teaches kids about the joyous festivities of the Chinese New Year. Kids learn to play with their Chinese TanGram puzzle, construct a dazzling dragon, and design a stamp to decorate a canvas pouch to store their TanGram puzzle. Enhance your little one's problem solving and creativity skills with this box while teaching them about the rich cultural diversity of our world. Makes a great educational box all year round.


6. Ocean clean-up box 

The sixth box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the Ocean clean-up box.Teaching kiddos about the conservation of our planet and the effects of climate change is essential today. This box contains a hard cover book 'If Sharks Disappeared' which gives kiddos a glimpse into the world of sea creatures. In this Box, children learn all about cleaning up the ocean and the various causes of water pollution. Our little biologists also learn about the oceanic food chain!


7. Biology in a Box: Cell Exploration 

The seventh box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the Biology in a box: Cell expansion box. Young biologists, get ready to take a closer look at human cells and discover everything there is to know about them. This fun box includes a hardcover children's book titled 'Cells: An Owner's Handbook' written by children's book author Caroyln Fisher. Join Ellie, the skin cell who lives on the backside of an adventurous dog, as she introduces young readers to the various cells which make up everything on the planet. The book is filled with fascinating facts about human cells. Kids learn a new skill of sewing while making a 'cell model' pillow and, become experts by knowing the vital organs in a human body. Enjoy hours of learning while having fun. (roughly suited for kids 7-8 years)


8. 50 Wacky Things Pets Do

The eighth box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the 50 whacky things pets do box.The theme of this box is ‘Pets’. Learn all the wacky and funny things our pets do in '50 wacky things Pets Do' by Heidi Fiedler and wonderfully illustrated by Marta Sorte. Curious pet owners also get a glimpse into what causes certain behavior in pets and how to best care for them. Why is your bird grinding its beak? Or why is your dog chasing its tail? This box is action-packed with a children’s book, and 2 STEAM activities. Kiddos make a 'fish tank bank' and find out what chameleons eat all while having fun designing their own game. 


9. Dinosaur Box 

The ninth in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the Dinosaur box.This box is designed for our little palaeontologists! What do we know about dinosaurs? what is their impact on our world today? Children make their own fossil, excavate a dino egg and indulge in some paint-play in this unique box.


10. Exploring Nature 

The tenth box in our list of the Best STEM boxes for Kids is the Exploring nature  box. Nature is the best playground and the greatest teacher. This box is all about exploring the outdoors and getting inspired by nature. Kids learn about the diversity of trees in the lyrical book 'Trees' by Verlie Hutchens . Little Nature lovers learn the technique of sun-printing and design a camping bag. They also make a sun-print wall hanging. Bonus STEAM kit - kids also get to create and play a fun nature-inspired memory game and learn more about the environment.



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