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All You Need to Know About STEAM Education

All You Need to Know About STEAM Education

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STEAM education is an interdisciplinary learning approach that integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math as pathways to guide kids to critically think, discuss, and innovate. STEAM education is very different from textbook learning as it helps kids learn with a more hands-on approach and introduces skills to them that can be applied in the real world. This interdisciplinary approach helps kids probe thought-provoking questions for which you can’t just find the answers to online. It empowers young kids to be curious learners who seek creative solutions for real world problems. 

In today’s world, with constantly changing dynamics, it is essential that we prepare our kids for unforeseen changes where they can learn to innovate and adapt. It is imperative that we facilitate learning environments that are dynamic, fluid and relevant. STEAM education allows kids to think outside the box and explore learning with a more hands-on approach outside their classrooms. 

STEM and STEAM education are often used interchangeably, however the two disciplines are rather different. The biggest difference between STEAM and STEM is that STEAM takes STEM education one step further by incorporating the arts and sometimes humanities. This allows kids to develop and use skills of inquiry, which are unique to the arts and humanities. STEAM education allows young individuals to dive deeper into learning by using arts to create a more meaningful and engaging learning environment. Connecting learning with art practices helps kids to rely less on memorization tactics and more on comprehending the material they are studying in order to critically think, build connections and apply the tools of creativity. The A in STEAM brings in personal expression and has a much more holistic approach. 

                 How To Introduce Your Kids to STEAM Education at Home

Banyan Tree Kidz believes STEAM Education is the way of the future for our kids. We believe kids should be given the chance to explore their curiosity and creativity outside the classroom learning space. Creating a good learning environment at home is vital for a young kid’s development. STEAM education gives young kids a space to dive deeper into what they are learning and critically think and innovate. We spend hundreds of hours in research, testing and developing the best STEAM learning kits for your child.  

                 Here are some of our best STEAM learning kits for kids

1. The Birthday Box - Special Edition - This STEAM learning kit for kids is a great way to celebrate your little one’s birthday! Perfect for young aspiring bakers - you can find supplies to create a faux cake with confetti and buttercream slime - all supplies included. A cake recipe, 2 STEAM learning kits, fascinating keepsakes are one of the many things included in this goody box. This STEAM learning kit is an exciting mix of great DIY activities and a great learning storybook for kids. 

2. Space Edition: StarStruck Box - If your kid is obsessed with space, get them this Space Edition STEAM kit which lets them learn more about space not only through books but also through our STEAM learning kits. With this STEAM kit, your kid can build a comet launcher, construct a telescope and design a magical wand reading pointer to read your storybook included in this box.

3. Biology in a Box - Cell Exploration - Young aspiring biologists and future doctors can study the structure of the cell and vital organs through this STEAM learning kit. Sew and build your own ‘cell’ pillow with this kit. Biology in schools is usually a text heavy subject. We, at Banyan Tree Kidz, want to go beyond that and help young kids look at science in a more fun light as science may seem like an intimidating subject to many young individuals.

4. Space Edition: Moon Phase Box - This box includes 2 STEAM activity kits. Kids can make a Lunar calendar with different phases of the moon and also make a beautiful Moon Mobile which is a fun way of introducing kids to engineering. Help your kids build a foundation in engineering with the help of this STEAM learning kit.

5. Community Box - As STEAM education is an interdisciplinary learning approach, we ensure kids learn skills that can be applied in the real world. This box introduces kids to the concept of a community and how to be a valuable member of a community. This STEAM learning kit has supplies to build a birdhouse which introduces them to engineering and a “community weaving project” which teaches them about community building. Prepare your young kids for the real world with this STEAM learning kit.

6. High-flying Airplane STEAM Box - Crafted for all the young aspiring engineers, this STEAM box comes with a paper plane experiment and supplies to make a model airplane. Learn about the basics of aerodynamics with this STEAM learning kit, find out what makes a plane fly and even design a mini-passport. Who said engineering can’t be fun?

7. Art STEM Box - With 3 STEAM learning kits, this box allows kids to explore different art forms. Kids can make mosaic art, stained glass art and abstract art inspired by the renowned Marc Chagall. Let this art box for kids be the inspiration young artists are looking for.

Engage your child and get them excited to learn with the help of STEAM education. In today’s times, technology has started replacing a lot of task-based work which means we as human beings are left to take on jobs that require creativity, critical thinking, innovation and collaboration - all of which are crucial elements in STEAM education. As per research, educating kids in STEAM subjects prepares them for life, regardless of the profession they choose to follow. It prepares kids to be confident and take advantage of whatever opportunities appear. STEAM education removes limitations and replaces them with wonder.  

STEAM education can begin at home with the help of our curated STEAM learning kits. Prepare your child for the unforeseen world which will essentially require critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and creators. Learning begins at home.

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