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Keeping your children entertained during the summer days while  the world is experiencing an on-going global pandemic might be a challenging task this summer. This is why we have rounded up 20 safe and seriously fun camp day ideas that you can do as a family on a hot summer day.


  1. Make S’mores using a solar cooking oven – Do you know even NASA recommends this fun technique. Solar Cookers allow you to prepare food when you have no access to power and even if the day is not so bright and sunny. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about energy and solar power. Plus, who doesn’t love baking S’mores outdoors?


  1. Erupting Volcano – This is our favourite science experiment, which we have also included in our geology box. All you need is baking soda, and vinegar. This is a great way to teach each kids about the science of volcanoes. Erupting science experiments like the elephant toothpaste experiments in your backyard is a fun way to spend your summer day learning outdoors.


  1. Build DIY paper kites – Construct and decorate your DIY paper kites and take them for a day of flying as a family. You can even have kite flying competitions and see how high your kite can fly. This is such a perfect camp day activity to do with your family and friends. 


  1. Host a scavenger hunt – This activity is a camp day favourite for many of us. You can keep your kids entertained for hours and have fun with an educational outdoor scavenger hunt. Don’t know how to build your scavenger hunt? There are tons of free printable and resources online, which you can use as your treasure map.


  1. Create a DIY waterslide – cool off in your backyard or an outdoor park with this  awesome and super fun activity. All you need is a large tarp and a water hose.


  1. Build a DIY blanket fort – Do your children love star-gazing? Build a fort with tons of blankets and set up your fort under the night sky in your backyard for a fun night of stargazing. Don’t forget to bake your s’mores using the solar cooker.


  1. Show your sibling some love – this is a great activity for bonding and a very entertaining camp day activity. Obtain coloured chalk and head to a public park. Trace an outline of your sibling or friend laying in their best pose onto a flat concrete surface. Now fill the interior of this body outline with drawings that express how you feel about your sibling or friend. Colour it, make it fun and get creative.


  1. Play a water balloon game – Involve your entire block and have some fun with water balloons. You can even add some food coluor to make these water balloons pretty. The festival of Holi in India involves days of fun and friendly water balloon fights leading up to the big day of festivities and fun.


  1. Create a sock Puppet show – Gather your friends and family and incorporate some theatre, dance and song to your child’s play time with a DIY sock puppet show. Hands-on play and imaginative play are known to be one of the integral ways to enhance cognitive development.


  1. Dancing paint play – Spread out a large white canvas on the floor and ask your children to dip their tiny feet into the paint. Now put on some fun summertime dance music and encourage them to dance their heart out. The beautiful and (messy) canvas that you get at the end of this activity is your souvenir of a fun summer camp day. 


  1. Introduce Yoga – After a fun day full of activities, help your kids calm down and cool off before a goodnight’s sleep. Introduce some basic breathing exercises and teach your kids some easy yoga poses to wind down. This is a win-win for both parents and children.


  1. Play flashlight tag – Gather the children around and play hide and seek but with a flashlight. Tag the first person you find from their hiding place and shine your flashlight on them. Make sure you are supervising the little ones at all times.


  1. Star-Gazing – don’t have a telescope? No worries. Apps such as Stargaze help you identify stars and constellations in the night sky. This is a very fun activity to get your children interested in astronomy.


  1. Bingo camp – You can either create your own bingo with camping activities drawn on your bingo card or find from hundreds of free printable online for a fun and competitive day of Bingo. 


  1. Glow-in-Dark Jenga – Jenga is a very intelligent game which helps children with their fine-motor skills, cognitive development and problem-solving skills. 


  1. Campfire Stories – Gather around the campfire under the night sky and ask children to narrate their favourite story. To spice up story time with laughter, you can go around the circle and ask kids to make up their own story on the spot and keep adding new twists and turns to your story.


  1. Movie Night in your backyard – Go out in your backyard and with a use of a projector, watch fun movies under the stars with your family. This change of scene can be a lot of fun.


  1. Glow-in-Dark Frisbee – As you can see we love glow-in-the dark. Frisbee is an all-time favourite for kids. You can paint your regular Frisbee with glow-in-dark paint.


  1. Have a fiesta in your backyard – Pick a theme and decorate your backyard with streamers, and hangings. A Mexican Fiesta is our favourite party theme. Serve delicious Mexican food, learn how to salsa and practice new Spanish words. Make a Pinata filled with surprises and have a blast!


  1. Release sky lanterns – Flying paper lanterns are like small hot air balloons, made of tissue paper and simple source of fire. To do this activity with your kids, make sure you are supervising and guiding them all times. 

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