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10 Productive Back to School Routine ideas

10 Productive Back to School Routine ideas

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No routine during the day can leave things going haphazard. It is therefore important to set a back to school routine for you as a parent and for your kids. Going back to school means getting back into a routine. Getting back to school can be a crazy time for parents and kids, and a routine will help keep your life simple and organized. Provide your kids with a structure to learn important skills like how to set priorities, meet deadlines, become more independent, and develop habits of self-care.

       Back to School Routine Tips for Your Family

1. Organize your week: Time management will drive productivity in your child’s learning. Young kids work better when they know what to expect in their day. Take some time over the weekend or at the beginning of the week to create a preview of what they can expect to accomplish for the coming week. Be sure to include homework assignments, deadlines, extracurricular activities, family meals, and fun time. Introduce your kids to STEM learning and encourage them with more hands-on learning. 

2. Develop a morning routine: Waking up at a consistent time is essential. By waking up early and preparing like you typically do, your child is following a daily routine. Help your kids make their bed, teach them how to pack their school bag and other small chores around the house. Another key component of your morning should include breakfast. A well-balanced breakfast can act as brain fuel for your child during the school day. To ease the morning rush, prepare easy and nutritious breakfast meals ahead of time for your children to enjoy.

3. Set up an effective sleep routine: Let’s be honest, we’d all flourish with a good night of sleep. It’s the same with our young ones, a good sleep schedule is imperative. A sleep routine is particularly helpful for kids who are starting to go back to school after a long time of remote learning from home. Start establishing your child’s new sleep routine at least two weeks before the start of the school year for a smoother transition. During your nighttime routine, have your child pack their backpack, brush their teeth, and carve out some time for reading before they get a restful night of sleep. 

4. Create an at-home reward system: Positive reinforcements are great for young kids. Having a reward system in place will unconsciously inspire your child to complete more assignments and accomplish all their weekly tasks. Most importantly, ensure that your child feels rewarded when they receive positive feedback for their work. This will set them up to take on more challenging tasks. 

5. Validate your kids’ feelings: Getting back to school after a long period of remote learning can be intimidating for some kids. Assure your child that his nervousness is universal and this is a normal feeling when you start school. All kids, even us as adults, have a hard time getting back into the routine of school. The knowledge of knowing that they are not alone in the experience, will help your child feel like he’s being heard and understood. 

6. Make one-on-one time part of your routine: Try starting the day with some one-on-one time with your kid. Often, this can make the difference between a morning of resistance and a morning of cooperation. Waking up just 10 minutes earlier to cuddle, talk, or read together in your child’s favorite chair starts the day from a place of harmony and connection.

7. Make meals together: Encourage your kids to help you with meals and make it a part of their daily schedule. You can even help them to make their own lunch for school. Keep all the ingredients readily available and help them with prep. These fifteen minutes together to connect with them can go a long way. 

8.  Arrange playdates: Arrange playdates for your young kids with their friends ahead of school starting. Connecting with their school friends will make them less anxious and ensure them that they are not alone. 

9. Celebrate success: Encourage your kids to do small tasks around the house and always remember to acknowledge their efforts. This creates a good feeling of capability. 

10. Playtime after school: When your kid is back home after a long day at school, give them some time off to engage in activities they are fond of. It could be any extracurricular activity such as drawing or painting, arts and crafts, reading and more. You can even do fun learning activities together with your kids with DIY kits. Having time to de-stress will help your kids relax and be ready for a new day. 

Going back to school may seem like a tough time for kids, so as parents it is essential to remind them that they are not alone. Talk to them about it, let them express their feelings out in the open and communicate. You can even talk to your kids about your feeling of nervousness to assure them that their feelings are valid. A routine will therefore help your kids be prepared for the unknown and they will know what to expect in their day. It will help them stay calm and focused and better perform at their tasks. More productivity means more time for learning and staying ahead for a successful year. 

Adjusting to the new school year can be challenging for both kids and parents, but with the right back to school routine, it can be a much smoother transition for everyone. Set your family up for success with the help of a routine, but at the same time also remember, that every kid will adjust better to a personalized kind of routine. So always take your kid’s inputs about what they like or dislike and what activity they would like to engage in more and accordingly add it to their daily routine. Back to school is an exciting time for your kids so be sure to enjoy the moments and memories that come with each new school year!

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