10 Banyan Tree Kidz Children's Book Recommendations
10 Banyan Tree Kidz Children's Book Recommendations

10 Banyan Tree Kidz Children's Book Recommendations

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At Banyan Tree Kidz, we believe in the power of reading! Reading helps with your young child’s brain development, it helps ignite their curiosity and gives them a chance to think creatively and so much more. Reading with your kid also helps strengthen your relationship as you get to share your own stories with them. If you are able to read aloud with your child at a scheduled time within the daily routines of home and school, you’ll be able to provide something constant that they can expect and likely even look forward to.

Banyan Tree Kidz chooses the most compelling and engaging story books written by celebrated children’s authors and published by reputed book publishing houses such as HarperCollins, Random House, Penguin Kids and more. Creating a reading environment at home will help develop reading as a habit for your kid. Read more on how to teach your kids how to read on our blog. 

List of our Favourite Children’s Books

Every month, we handpick children’s story books for our kits. These story books not only teach kids valuable moral lessons but also give them an opportunity to further immerse themselves in exciting concepts with the help of our STEM kits

Here are some of our favourite children’s books that you can also find in our STEM kits: 

1. ‘Cake’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet - This wonderfully written and illustrated book by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet will leave you in happy tears. This children’s book is about Cake who has been invited to a party. Never been to a birthday party before, Cake does not know what to expect. But as the candles on his party hat begin to burn and the guests start to sing, Cake starts to think that this is one party he’d rather not be at! 


2. ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ by Hailey Barrett and Diana Sudyka - This children’s book tells us about the true story of Maria Mitchell, America’s first professional female astronomer. Gorgeously illustrated by Diana Sudyka, this moving picture book about a girl from humble beginnings who became a shining star in the field of astronomy is sure to inspire budding scientists everywhere.


3. ‘Cells: An Owner's Handbook' by Caroyln Fisher - This cute children’s book about Ellie, a skin cell who lives on the derrière of a Boston Terrier, is sure to become a favourite amongst aspiring biologists. In this children’s book, Ellie tells readers all about the amazing cells that make up every living thing on Earth.


4. ‘Moon: A Peek-Through Picture Book’ by Britta Teckentrup - This elaborate children’s book shows kids about the different phases of the moon through peek-through holes, revealing the moon in different sizes and shapes! Britta Teckentrup has beautifully written this book to teach kids about how the moon affects different parts of nature, such as how wild animals react to moonlight, how the tides are affected due to the phases of the moon and much more. 


 5. 'Through The Window: Views of Marc Chagall's Life and Art' by Barb Rosenstock - This expressive picture-book is a beautiful biography of Marc Chagall, a prominent artist celebrated by art lovers all over the world. Known for both his paintings and stained-glass windows, Marc Chagall rose from humble beginnings to become one of the world's most renowned artists. This book is perfect for young artists as it teaches them about the importance of self-expression through art. 


6. '50 Wacky Things Pets Do' by Heidi Fiedler and Marta Sorte - Paired with wacky illustrations, 50 wild and incredible facts, along with educational information about each animal’s habits and personality quirks, this children’s book tells us more about all the weird and funny things our pets do. 


7. ‘Sounds Of Nature: World of Birds’ by Robert Frank Hunter - If you kid’s a nature lover, this book will not only be a visual treat for them but also help them relive the outside world with the nature sounds recorded in every illustration! Travel the world with the Sounds of Nature – press the note in each of the 10 habitats to hear vivid recordings of over 60 different bird sounds. 


8. ‘Bee – A Peek Through Picture Book’ by Britta Teckentrup - Fly along with Bee on her busy day! Through a hole in the book’s cover, peek into this bright and lovely book and discover the big ways these tiny insects contribute to our environment, from pollinating colorful flowers to buzzing about the bright and beautiful meadow. Each page reveals new flowers and plants with a peek inside a beehive as the bees work together to help plants grow.


9. 'Trees' by Verlie Hutchens - This children’s book has a collection of poems that celebrate the many varieties of trees on Mother Earth. With every tree having its own special qualities, this lyrical collection of poems describes the singular beauty of each tree. 


10. "Me and the Sky: Captain Beverley Bass, Pioneering Pilot" by Cynthia Williams and Joanie Stone - This children’s book tells us about the inspiring story of Beverley Bass, the first female pilot promoted to captain by American Airlines, who then led the first all-female crewed flight. Not only is this a wonderfully illustrated and magical book, but it also inspires kids to chase their dreams, be brave and believe in themselves. 

These children’s books and story books are some of the best written and illustrated books to help kids discover the joys of reading and also be excited to read and learn. At its core, literature is one of the best ways to help kids understand something without necessarily having to experience it for themselves. Reading helps your child discover new concepts and subjects and at the same time, the most important of all, keep them busy! Create a good reading environment for your kids at home by always having books around. Build a cozy little reading nook for your kids. This will also encourage kids to go and pick up a book by themselves. 

Check out Banyan Tree Kidz’ curated list of children’s story books for more.

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